Monday, May 9, 2016

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle- Choking on These Vowel Sounds Mix

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It's Monday... blech... I have a rough week at work so if posts get spotty that is why, but I will do my best.  Just over one week until the 5th Anniversary Party. I hope you will come if you can.

My music play sorts by first name (it does recognize "The" by the way). Anyway, all of the songs today were from the letters A-D purely by chance. I  did have to double check at one point to make sure the shuffle mode was really set... 


"Number One" by Aaron Lee Tasjan

We start off our Monday with a song from Aaron Lee Tasjan's  debut EP, Crooked River Burning.  One of my favorite ALT tracks.

"Bring It on Home" by Amy Black

The first of three tracks from Amy Black's Muscle Shoals Sessions album.  This is a cover of the Sam Cooke classic which I believe was covered by Lou Rawls and recorded in Muscle Shoals.  Amy Black is a fairly recent transplant to Nashville, and we are lucky to have her here.

"Uptight, Good Man" by Amy Black

It was at this point that I checked to make sure the shuffle mode was on... it was...  "Uptight, Good Man" is a Spooner Oldham/Dan Penn song.  Oldham appears on the album as does Nashville's Will Kimbrough. 

"Ouija" by Dingzui

Next up is a song by Nashville band Dingzui with a track from their recent album, Analogue.  I really dig this, and you should expect to hear more from this album soon.

"Now Here" by Bob Lewis

We have the title track from Bob Lewis's CD.  I got to see Bob in the round with Jon Latham, Joseph Robert Krauss, and Becca Mancari.  Good stuff.

"Better Man" by Brian Milligram

Nashville newcomer, Brian Milligram jumps into the shuffle with a track from his album Dead Letters.  I got to see Brian live a week or so ago, and I was impressed.  He has this great mix of punk rock energy and attitude with folk music instrumentation. I believe he is playing tonight at the Foobar.  If you see him live, he may offer to give you this CD.  Take it, but throw some bills in his tip jar. 

"Above the Surface" by Ben Lowry

We have another excellent track from Somnium, the solo record by Ben Lowry of the band Bang OK Bang.  On the solo album, Lowry brings his unique twist on the Americana/Folk/whatever sound.  I have been really enjoying listening to this album.

"Tighten Up" by Amy Black

We close with our third track from Amy Black today, and our final track to feature from the Muscle Shoals album.  This one is also a cover - the most recent cover on the album - of the Black Keys songs.  As she does throughout the album, Black makes the song her own thanks to her powerful and distinctive voice.



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