Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Plain to See Mix

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EVENT ALERT!  May 18 E2TG 5 Year Extravaganza! The 5 Spot - East Nashville! 9pm!

Yesterday was one of those days that you just want to throw on the scrapheap of existence and forget about... I was feeling under the weather a bit - which didn't help - and then every possible thing seemed to go wrong.  But, it's a new day. I  drove and walked to work under the threat of storms.  Thunder and lightning...  I had a pretty sweet mix of songs to accompany me on the trek... sit back and let me tell you about it and then you can listen to a close approximation of that mix of songs (video-style wise).

"Last Leaves to Fall" by Jason P. Krug

Loss is a difficult thing.  JPK makes it more than bearable in his poetic and haunting album-length meditation on losing. 

"Hidden Lake Smells Like Gunpowder Tonight" by Jason P. Krug

The only thing better than starting off my commute with a Jason P. Krug song, is starting it off with two in a row.  I love the sound of JPK in the morning....

"Pick it Up (In the Dancehall)" by Batkhi Dahn

I lived 45 years before I started writing Ear to the Ground. Thanks to the blog and the people I have met and the music I have heard, I can now for the first time in my life spell Conneckiquit with full confidence.  Like Jason Krug, Batkhi Dahn is from "The Constitution State".  This is another track from Oil Change which displays 11 songs on Bandcamp but is actually 22 tracks.  Hayden and Evan of Batkhi Dahn will be making their Nashville debut in one week and one day as part of the E2TG Anniversary Extravaganza - maybe you heard about it.

"Letter From a Rock Springs Gold Mine" by Patrick Kinsley and A Fistful of Dollars

Speaking of which, if you make the right decision and come to The 5 Spot on May 18, you will also have the opportunity to see and hear Patrick Kinsley and A Fistful of Dollars.  Expect to hear literate and beautiful songs that tell stories of realistic people facing life's challenges - often while moving from place to place.

"The Goblin Just Took a Shit" by Batkhi Dahn

And Batkhi Dahn are back with one of their trademark - wildly experimental and yet fun songs.  This one is about a the bodily functions of a goblin - apparently. By the way, Connecticut (see I can spell it) is also called The Nutmeg state.  You can ask The Foresters about that if you get to The 5 Spot early next Wednesday.

"Afraid" by Youngstrr Joey

I am convinced that it is due to my posting experimental music like Batkhi Dahn (and others) that I got on the mailing list to receive awesome music like Youngstrr Joey and his album Grilled Wiig. Youngstrr Joey is from Glascow - beyond that I don't know much except I really dig this music.

"Tiger By the Tail" by Waco Brothers

Waco Brothers just released a new video for their song Receiver. The shuffle anticipated this and thus brought up this Waco Brothers' cover of the Buck Owens classic which was on their album Cabaret Showtime.  I included Waco Brother song and Buck himself in the video montage. FYI - this is also as close as we can come (so far) to having a Buck 'n' Stuff song in the shuffle.  Just saying.

"Sugar Coma" by Ask For Joy

Nothing like a sugar coma... or a new private window... which happens to be the title of the new album by Austin band, Ask for Joy. 

"Bones" by Forecast Tomorrow

Forecast Tomorrow are a Psychedelic Post Metal band from Sydney. A mutual friend recommended that they contact me (one of my favorite parts of writing this blog). Their new album is called Hats, Gloves, and Grandfather Clocks" is out now.  This is our first listen - it will not be our last.

"New Angel in Heaven" by Ashleigh Flynn

"See That Light" by Ashleigh Flynn        

We opened with a couple of songs by Jason P. Krug, and we end with a pair of songs from Ashleigh Flynn - who I met a couple of months back at $2 Tuesday which is happening tonight as it does every Tuesday night at The 5 Spot. These songs from an album called, A Million Stars.  She has a new EP out now called The Low Arc of the Sun.  She is the real deal - check her music out.



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