Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Sniffing That Frog Powder Mix

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Julie Christensen with Sergio Webb and Chris Tench, BARK, Adrian + Meredith, Patrick Kinsley and A Fistful of Dollars, and The Foresters - One Night! May 18! E2TG 5 Years!

ICYMI - E2TG premiered a new song by Douglas/Warren earlier today - check it out!

Also, my review of Strange Majik's Raised on Rock 'N' Roll is up now at No Depression.

In November 2013, my friend David Horton sent me a message to let me know that Darrin Bradbury (whose previous band Big Wilson River, I had written about in 2012) was going to be moving to Nashville and to keep an eye out for him.  Darrin started kicking major league ass in Nashville, and I named him my Artist of the Year for 2014. Today, Darrin Bradbury was named one of 10 New Country Artists You Need to Know by Rolling Stone Country.  I could not be more proud.

Tonight I am recommending:  RB Morris with Jon Byrd at The 5 Spot to kick off Morris' month-long residency.  And after that, Drew Kohl will be ecebrating the one year anniversary of his EP, Sweetheart at The Country with other cook folks like Tayor Alexander and Kiely Schlesinger.

Over the course of these last five years, I have had a blast creating playlists that represent the broad spectrum of my musical tastes and interests, and then letting the shuffle function work its magic.  Some folks may think that traditional bluegrass segueing into death metal makes any sense.  But, I disagree..  every odd combination and awkward transition is to my mind a reflection of the fabric of this life....

The Wild Wednesday shuffle is meant to be a celebration of that weird awkwardness... enjoy!

"Battle Cry" by Circus Propaganda

We begin with another track from the now defunct Dord Music Group all-star band.  I believe both Hayden and Evan Nork were part of this group.  They, of course, will be at The 5 Spot on May 18 as part of the 5 Year Anniversary Show....

"Young and Free" by Jon Worthy

I saw Jon Worthy at Springwater last Friday night with #E2TG favorites Year of October (who kicked all sorts of major ass) and Brian Milligram (a recent Nashville transplant who was inspired to play music after seeing Darrin Bradbury in a church basement when he was sixteen years old.)  Worthy was giving away CDs, so I picked this one up because I dug his set, and I dig the album, too.  Dig!

"Stay Up All Night" by Dirty Hollywood

Dirty Hollywood are an indie hard rock band from well Hollywood.  This song comes from their debut EP, Killed to Death.

"Boy the Earth Talks To" by Black Iron Prison
Next up, we have a track from an Upstate New York metal band.  At one point, Elijah Hargrave of 2012 E2TG Band of the Year Skeletons in the Piano was a member of this band, but it appears he is not now.

"House of Love" by Jesse Aycock

Next up is another song from that Folk Alliance Oklahoma Room CD.  In addition to his brilliant solo stuff, Aycock is a member of The Hardworking Americans with Todd Snider.
"Wishin' My Week Away" by The Weeks

Next another from the Lost Days record of early tracks by Nashville band, The Weeks.

"Zombieland" by T-Bone Burnett

Many people know T-Bone Burnett as a producer and as music director for the first season of ABC's Nashville.  But, he is also a pretty rad solo artist, as evidenced here.

"It's Not Me It's You" by SuperCrashingStar

Another nifty treat from one of my new favorite bands.  This one features what seems to be a bunch of kids singing a song that reminds me of this moment from Seinfeld.  (Full disclosure: just about every moment of life reminds me of  a moment from Seinfeld)..

"Wrong Piano" by Cowboy Junkies

We close out this wild Wednesday with another Vic Chestnutt cover from the live album recently released on Noisetrade.


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