Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Stop and Stare Mix

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ONE WEEK TO GO!  E2TG Anniversary Extravaganza!  BE THERE!

Boom!  This week just hit me like a ton of bricks...  This will have to be kind of quick... Tonight at The 5 Spot - 6pm.  RB Morris and his incredible band from East and Middle Tennessee, E2TG favorites Tim Lee 3, and Lowell Levinger (aka Banana) from The Youngbloods!  Don't miss it!

Wild Wednesday are just a total free-for-all.  A mix of old, new, Nashville-based, not Nashville-based, weird experiments, painfully mainstream, and other awesome musical treats... here is today's version...

"Timberwolf Atka" by Smokey the Firebear

Right of the gate, we have Smokey the Firebear from Connecticut with an experimental single.  A good test for the stereo sound on my car stereo.

"Tribute to Julian Koster" by Atticus Floyd

Now unavailable... this came off an album called Russell Stover Stole My Babbie. A tribute to the Elephant 6 member - who formed The Music Tapes and joined Neutral Milk Hotel for their beyond legendary second album.  Like Atticus Floyd, Julian Koster is known for playing the singing saw.  (video substitute is Atticus doing a NMH cover backed by Hayden and Evan of the Foresters who will be here in Nashville next week).

"Daisy and Clover" by John Calvin Abney

Another from the Oklahoma Room sampler.  John Calvin Abney will be at The 5 Spot a week from tomorrow for a show that includes Megan Palmer and E2TG Artist of the Year Jon Latham.

"Hot Child in the City" by The Coal Porters

This is a cover of the 1970s hit song by Nick Gilder.  (side note: I owned a K-Tel collection that included "Hot Child in the City" on vinyl.  I wish I still had it.  The Coal Porters are based in London and their membership includes Sid Griffin (Long Ryders).  Great cover.
"Jenny" by Jon Worthy

Another cool song from Jon Worthy who I saw a couple of weeks ago at Springwater.

"Magellan" by Flavored Cardboard

Another Dord Music Group band  (the label formed by The Foresters).  This is our first listen, and man I really dig this album. 

"Sweet Jane" by Cowboy Junkies

The Cowboy Junkies covered the Velvet Underground classic on their Trinity Session album.  The often perform it live with evolving arrangements.  This is a seven minute version that includes a long, explosive intro.

"Amazing Grace" by Elouise

That "Amazing Grace" done up right by Elouise who don't have videos on YouTube, but whom I recommend highly! The album is called Deep Water and it is due out in July. People are starting to notice - as they should.  I was their first Facebook follower.  
"Spiderboy" by Steve Poltz

I had the good fortune of seeing Steve Poltz when he got held up in Nashville and played one of Darrin Bradbury's January residency shows at The Basement East. He is incredible and if you are not already familiar with his body of work - then join me in getting caught up.

"When You Leave This World" by Scott Nolan  

Scott Nolan is an amazing singer-songwriter from Canada that Jon Latham has told me about.  I got another great artist to catch up on!  Great stuff!



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