Friday, July 22, 2016

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Blue and Red Mix

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Congratulations to Don Gallardo for his CD Release show last nigh at The Family Wash.  Great music all night from Lani Ford, Matt Haeck, Caleb Caudle, and Don Gallardo and his awesome band and guests.  His CD, Hickory, is out today in the U.S. (it has been out elsewhere for a while).  It has been great to hear Don Gallardo several times over the last month or so.

Reminder: I will be back on the radio with Sue Havlish.  Double Shot with Joe and Sue is on WXNA-LP Nashville. It is 101.5 on your radio dial in the broadcast range and streaming worldwide at and via the TuneIn App.  The show starts at 11am Central Time and our theme this week is "Cocktails for Two".

We move into a Featured Friday shuffle to close out your week... by the way, I am going to be out of pocket next week... taking some much needed time off.  Be sure to stop by here every day to see if I posted anything (and to keep my pageviews up... ;-)  )

"Taser Revelations (Hold On Children)" by Adam Stafford

Our second listen this week to Adam Stafford and his latest album Taser Revelations. This is the title track, and worth you attention. 

"Shoegazer" by SuperCrashingStar

SuperCrashingStar are back in the shuffle with a nifty song called "Shoegazer". I love this band's original sound.  A great listen for my drive to work. 

"Illustrious Youth" by NewClue

NewClue are a hard rock band from Connecticut. This is a song from their EP Mystic Wind.  A nice dose of rock music for my Friday. 

"Hypnotizer" by Ugggy (Prod. L.B.F.)

Ugggy of Valued Customer released a mixtape called Legends of the SmoKe earlier this year.  It is trippy, hip-hop and just really rad music.  Check it out. 

"concu$$io" by Valued Customer

Speaking of Valued Customer, as I previously reported, their new album hugecup is out now and is incredible.  This is from the hugecup b-sides collection byhugecup which the band released last summer.  So, once you've fallen hard for the new one - go back and check out this collection as well as their previous album Kalpa. 

"Blue" by The Defeated County

Next, another great song from this awesome band from St. Louis and their latest album Bar Tabs and Baby Names. I really like this band, and I think you might, too. 

"Big Red Fire" by Well Worn Soles

And we move on with another from Country/folk. Been really digging this album. 

"That's The Way It Is" by Tymon Dogg

And we close thing out with a track from Made of Light which came out in 2015. As I have previously written, Tymon Dogg is a UK artist who has worked with The Clash and was a member of Joe Strummer's Mescaleros.  



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