Monday, September 12, 2016

Music City Monday Shuffle - You Ain't Going Anywhere Mix

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Well.. back to the work week...  For me, listening to cool tunes and then writing about those tunes is a great way to begin my day. So, that is what I do. As regular readers know, Monday's we focus our attention on Music City USA (aka Nashville). The morning shuffle comes from a playlist of artists with some connection to Nashville.  They either live here, used to live here, spent a significant amount of time here etc.  Or else, I somehow thought they had a connection to Nashville when I created the playlist and now I can come up with a convoluted explanation of why they are included here to distract from the fact that I made a mistake.  I don't think we have any in the latter category today, but we shall see.  

Before we begin... posting may be a bit erratic the next couple of days due to some changes in my routine.  In case I do not get the opportunity, Wednesday night at 6:00pm, Amelia White's September Residency continues with special guests Megan Palmer!  and a short solo acoustic set by Don Gallardo!  Plus Ingrid Graudins will be sitting in with the band.  Be there or regret not being there!

To the shuffle!

"Let Me Do" by SHEL

First up, a track from Colorado/Nashville folk/pop band. SHEL is Sarah, Hannah, Eva, and Liza.  This is a track from their album Just Crazy Enough which was released in May.  
"Keep On the Firing Line" by Marty Stuart and His Fabulous Superlatives

Some time last year, World Cafe released downloads of about 100 songs from their World Cafe Sessions. I jumped all over those, and they have been appearing sporadically in morning shuffles ever since. Today, the shuffle brings up one of those performances by a veteran Nashville musician Marty Stuart.  This gospel standard has by been recorded by many different artists including The Carter Family and Dolly Parton - just to name two. Here Stuart is joined by the band from The Marty Stuart Show.  I have a Marty Stuart story: Back in the 1980s, I attended a benefit show at The Cannery for the club Elliston Square. That club is now The End, by the way.  Several local acts appeared on the bill - mostly local rock bands of the post-punk/new wave whatever variety.  Marty Stuart opened the show - playing pretty traditional country music. Being Nashville, the audience dug it, an indelible memory was a girl dressed in punkish attire doing a do-si-do to Stuart's music. Hell, I probably know that girl now a days and don't even realize it.   

"Holy Moses" by Brian Wright

We move on to another track from the latest album by Brian Wright - The Sneak-Ups. As I have mentioned, Wright recently formed Cafe Rooster Records. The label with have their big debut party at Little Harpeth Brewing on Saturday September 24 during Americana Fest.  Cafe Rooster artists Wright, Darrin Bradbury, and Ladies Gun Club will be joined by guests Aaron Lee Tasjan, Tim Easton and more. Starts at 2:00pm.

"Smash My Bones" by Clark Paterson

Next, another track from Paterson's latest album, The Final Tradition.  Paterson plays authentic country music that hits brutally hard. 

"Don't Blame the Wind" by Joey Kneiser

Speaking of hard-hitting music.  Another Joey Kneiser track this one from The All Night Bedroom Revival. For me, Kneiser's voice has a way of cutting through and doing damage in the most sublime ways. 

"Tennessee Waltz" by Dingzui

This is the song made famous by Patti Page, and it is not one of the official states songs of Tennessee.... yet. But it is a really cool song from the Analogue album by Nashville band Dingzui. 

"Mobile Home" by Rod Picott

This song was one of the highlights for me of Rod Picott's recent Residency at The 5 Spot.  Like much of his music, it comes directly from his experiences, and is a story told with poetic beauty and subtle humor.  

"Down the Road" by Jon Worthy

From the album, Unconventional.  I saw Jon Worth a while back in a set that included a couple of friends, and he was giving away this CD.  Of course, I grabbed one, and I'm glad I did.  

"Abba Dabba" by Ricca Vita

And we close things out with our final track from the self-titled debut EP by Nashville based electronic/alternative band Ricca Vita.  Ricca Vita recently released the video for a remix of this track. That video is included in the video playlist which immediately follows. The video is visually stunning and sexy and colorful.  Ricca Vita are one of the most exciting new acts on the Nashville scene. I can't wait to hear more music from them!


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