Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Trending Tuesday Morning (and Afternoon) Shuffle - 5 Long Years Mix

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Reporting in late with a shuffle that began this morning and stretched into this afternoon.

First, some reminders.  Tomorrow do not miss Amelia White with special guests Megan Palmer and Don Gallardo - The 5 Spot at six pm.  Thursday: Mark Robinson Showband with Davis Raines and Tiffany Huggins Grant - same place and same time.  Some alternative suggestions for Thursday:  If you are down Franklin way, be sure to check in to the Legendary Kimbro's Picking Parlor to see a superb line-up with Ben de la Cour and Marvin Etzioni (The Mandolin Man, Lone Justice).   If you are not at Mark Robinson's show or down in Franklin at Kimbro's, I hope it because you at the O.G. Basement to see Beau James and J.R. Wyatt.  Later on, you can head (or stay) at The 5 Spot for Sara Syms, Bird and Bear, and a new band debuting called Bell Dive. Alternatively, you can head over to Phat Bites in Hip Donelson and check out Furious Primates and others for a show that had to be moved due to the surprising and sad news of the abrupt closing of FooBar. Friday: After Tim Carroll Rock and Roll Happy Hour - head up down Main Street to The Family Wash for a triple bill that features E2TG favorites BARK along with Ned Hill of Ned Van Go, and Alvin Youngblood Hart's Muscle Theory.  Whew!  Is the weekend yet?

Let's get to that shuffle....

"Judge and Jury" by Conrad Y Skordalia

First up, is our first listen to Conrad Y Skordalia who are a (I'm pretty sure) a new band from New York featuring David Conrad and Rebecca Weiner Tompkins both of whom have been hanging around Nashville of late, and I have been lucky enough to hang with them some.  Really digging the album, A Silo Full of Birds which features a guest spot by Marc Ribot and was co-produced and mixed by the legendary JD Foster.  

"Right Girl" by Si Cranstoun

Next, more great Old School sounds from the UK by way of Si Cranstoun. Old School is the name of the album by the way. Great retro music!

"Circuit Breakers" by Hacking the Wave (Feat. ORAX)

And for something completely different, we have Hacking the Wave from Japan. Cyberpunk, Electronic, Alternative... It's a cool change of pace to keep me on my morning drive toes. 

"See You On The Way Down" by Renee Wahl

I was so excited to see the CD version of Renee Wahl's forthcoming EP Sworn Secrets in my mailbox the other day.  This EP is part 1 of 2. Renee is one of the best this town of awesome musical folks has to offer.  

"Little Life" by Pony Girl

So, can I admit that I first opened the e-mail from Pony Girl just because I have been a long time supporter of Pony Boy. (I still say that it would be an awesome double-bill even if they are not really alike musicially).  Then, I saw that Valued Customer were friends/fans of theirs.  All that aside, I think their album Foreign Life is a great one. It is unique music but it is, I think, very accessible (not that I am the best judge of that term not do I know if they would even appreciate the term in which case never mind). What I am trying to say is do yourself a favor and check out Pony Girl.

"Eastham Farm" by Clint Morgan

This seven minute plus song ended my morning drive and began my afternoon drive. It was oddly appropriate given the place where I spent my work day. Five Long Years... Scofflaw is one of my favorite albums of recent months and it sticking around on my favorites  for the year. 

"Crowfield Avenue" by Conrad Y Skordalia

Another track from A Silo Full of Birds. As I said, I am really digging  the music which I am just getting a chance to dig into. It is dark, poetic, and I am sure I will have much more to say very soon. 

"Graceland" by Dingzui

We close things out with Dingzui for the second day in a row. You have to hand it this band - yesterday's track was Tennessee Waltz (but not the one you may have heard), and today's is Graceland. But this song is not the Paul Simon classic, but an original story that includes a man driving with his female companion who needs to piss but they are smack in the middle of a county where is has been told by a judge not to show his face.  40 miles outside of Graceland... It takes balls to so a song with the same name as a classic, and it takes talent to pull it off. Dingzui does both here.


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