Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Girl Mouth Mix

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Well... here we are... I know there were some pre-Americana shows around town last night, but tonight things officially begin.  Unfortunately, due to circumstances yada yada, I will be severely limited in my ability to attend daytime events during the week, and as a caveat as I post recommendations, please understand, I will not necessarily be able to attend every one (although I would like to).  Today - I have two recommendations:  1.  The Green Room Music hosts an AMA Party at Fond Object beginning at 3:30 with some familiar names like Ben de la Cour, Tim Easton, Anne McCue, Amy Speace, Kevin Gordon and more.  If you can make any of that, you should!  2. The Beast hosts Better Together: Americana Fest Eastside Kickoff Party - brought to by the Guitartown and Sin City  (who put on last year's shindig that was for me one of the highlights of the whole fest). Hard to imagine, but they just may have outdone themselves this year.  Aaron Lee Tasjan and Friends (lots of familiar names are friends with ALT), Chuck Mead and Friends (Chuck Mead has some really cool friends, too), and Lee Ann Womack and her All-Star band.  They are holding back some big names, and there are tons of people in town. I really would not recommend missing this if at all possible.  8:00p.m. is the start time, but I would plan to arrive early - this one will reach capacity (I do believe).  Included with Wristband/AMA credentials.  Rumor has it that Darrin Bradbury will be spinning tunes in the Pub before the show along with Basement East booker extraordinaire Terry Rickards.

Much more to come...

It is Tuesday - let's check out what the ol' shuffle says is trending at E2TG....

"Got No Place to Go" by Laurence Jones

We start things off with another track from the outstanding new album by UK guitar phenom Laurence Jones. The album is called Take Me High.  This has been my introduction to Jones who has received favorable comparisons to some pretty lofty blues/rock guitar players. 

"Remember to Forget" by The Slang

The Slang are from Columbus, Ohio. Their new EP is called Night and Day. I first wrote about them when their self-titled EP was released a while back. Solid songs and an interesting sound.

"Strung Out on Girl Mouth" by Ugggy (feat/prod Cosmo Doris)

And we reach the point in the shuffle when we let Ugggy from Valued Customer take us off into the stratosphere. This is trippy, hip hop music at its very best. To be honest, when it comes to Ugggy and Valued Customer, I am not always sure where they are taking me, but the ride is so sweet that I can't help but go along. Cosmo Doris is an Acid Pop artist from Ottawa. 

"Okinawa" by And the Echo

While we are on a decidedly un-Americana vibe, let's continue with another track from the self-title release by Jackson, Mississippi's And the Echo.  To be honest, I don't consider myself to be a fan of contemporary electronic music, but bands like And the Echo and Nashville's Ricca Vita are opening my eyes and ears to music that I didn't know existed. And that is what E2TG is supposed to be all about.   

"Salad Days" by The Coal Porters

Getting back on more of an Americana vibe...  The Coal Porters just released their latest album No. 6. This is a UK band led by American Sid Griffin who I have been a fan of since his days with The Long Ryders.  There is a distinctive and unique bluegrass sound here.  This is an album I was excited to get in the mail, and I look forward to writing much more about it soon.  Really dig this song. 

"Depreciate" by The Coal Men

Nice one shuffle - follow up The Coal Porters with The Coal Men!  The Coal Men are a Nashville based band fronted by Dave Coleman - who is an in-demand guitar player.  They recently released Pushed to the Side which may well be the best album they have done. It is certainly among by favorites for this year so far.  I met Dave Coleman three years ago yesterday (the same day I first met my radio partner Sue Havlish and her husband Mark Robinson in person for the first time). 

"Vegas Baby" by Si Cranstoun

The shuffle seems to be loving Si Cranstoun's Old School album - which is good because I do, too.  It is really fun music, and the title is perfectly accurate to describe the sound. 

"Moonlight in the Hills" by Clark Paterson

The shuffle rolls on with another from East Nashville artist Clark Paterson from his album, The Final Tradition.  I am really digging this album, and I love this track.  Word has it that Paterson will be tying the knot very soon, so E2TG sends best wishes out to him and his bride-to-be. 

"Your Body Betrays You" by Jason P. Krug

And, the shuffle comes to a close in fine form with another from The Zen of Losing by E2TG favorite Jason P. Krug.  This is one of my favorite songs from the album, and if it seems like I have said that about a lot of songs from this album, well... it is probably true. Honestly, there isn't really a dud on the record. 


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