Monday, November 7, 2016

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - Sat on My Hand Mix

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Did you miss me?  Let's see if I remember how to do this whole shuffle thing.

I had a great time in Memphis (briefly) and Mississippi last week.  A couple of interesting musical things of note.  I left Nashville on the day before Halloween and listened to a shuffle of all of the songs on my phone.  Randomly, along the way, I think at least three songs which arguably could be considered Halloween songs came up in a row.  Then, just as I was arriving in Memphis, Dan Penn's version of his song, "Memphis Women and Fried Chicken" came on.  Later, when I was about to cross the border into Mississippi, a song by Tim Lee 3 (Tim and Susan Lee used to live in Mississippi) came up.  By the way, today is Tim and Susan's 35th anniversary - so a big E2TG Happy Anniversary shout out to them.

After visiting Oxford and Holly Springs, I spent a couple of nights in Clarksdale.  Stayed at a cool place called the Shack Up Inn. Took in some local blues music and visited the Delta Blues Museum and other sites.

I am officially on my new phone, and all of my music has been transferred.  I have not yet completely recreated all of my playlists, but I did complete the Music City Monday playlist - so that seems like a great way to dive back into this thing....

By the way, E2TG can be considered a "safe space" from political rhetoric this week.

"Rock 'n' Roll Paddy" by The Buddies

We kick things off today with a cover of a Shane MacGowan song covered by The Buddies which features Nashville and non-Nashville members. A rollicking/rocking way to jump back into the routine. 

"Freeborn Heart" by Andrew Adkins

One of my personal favorites from Andrew Adkins' excellent Glass Castles album. Andrew Adkins will be at The 5 Spot this Wednesday along with Tommy Womack and Stelle Amor. 

"Alaskan Bars, Pt. 1" by Tim Easton

From his recently released and most excellent album American Fork - we have East Nashville's Tim Easton with a ??cautionary??? tale about drinking too much at a bar in Alaska. 

"Hot Bitch" by Jon Worthy

I saw Jon Worthy earlier this year at Springwater and picked up his album Unconventional.  Now, he has a new album called May You Live Happily Ever After, and this is our first listen.  Digging it so far. 

"Wild Mountain Thyme" by Tom Mason and the Blue Buccaneers

Next up, another from Pirate Party - the latest by Nashville's resident pirate band.  A lovely tune to liven up any morning commute. 

"Mockingbirds" by Grant Lee Buffalo

Okay - I will, er um, grant that Grant Lee Buffalo were an LA band, however, Grant Lee Phillips has somewhat recently moved to Nashville, so by the power vested in me by, er um, me, I have added the remaining songs from Mighty Joe Moon (Grant Lee Buffalo's 1994 album) to my Music City Monday shuffle. Another lovely song for a cool, crisp fall morning.  The mockingbird is the state bird of Tennessee, so maybe this song foreshadowed Phillips eventual move here... perhaps...

"Showboat Showboat!!" by Candy Apple and The Buddies

As I said, I don't know if Candy Apple and The Buddies was just an earlier name for The Buddies or reflected a different membership... anyway, this is an eight second song - the complete lyrics are in the title. "Showboat Showboat!!".  A  slightly longer video of a different song is included in the Video Playlist below. 

"Too Tough" by Bully

Showing off the diversity of Nashville music, we have a rocking tune from Feel Like, the debut studio album by rock band, Bully. 

"So Many Midnights Ago" by Joey Kneiser

And we close things out with a great song from Moonlight For the Graveyard Heart by Glossary's Joey Kneiser.  There have recently been some rumblings from Glossary who have been on hiatus for several years!


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