Friday, February 17, 2017

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Daggers Mix

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"I know politics bore you, but I feel like a hypocrite talking to you and your racist friend." - TMBG

I'll try to keep this brief... (try being the operative word).  To my mind, there are two different battles being fought right now.

1. A (mainly) partisan battle over policies which many of us feel are bad policies.  Policies that target the most vulnerable of our citizens, that threaten our environment, and that diminish public safety of all Americans. These are battles that we would be fighting regardless of who was in the White House.

2. The second battle is, I believe, a fight against an unstable man who heads up the Executive Branch of government and who is surrounded by white nationalists and bigots of every shape and size. It is a battle over the increasingly likely possibility that Russia successful influenced the results of the presidential election in the US, and that the current administration was an active participant in that process, and that decisions are being made by the current administration which give the appearance of being influenced that interference.

These two battles are both important. And, it is easy to get distracted by one and forget about the other. It is also possible that one is being used as a distraction to provide cover for the other.

These are, I believe, trying times. And, even beyond this current administration, there are deeply disturbing trends (some of which I alluded to yesterday). We are nation divided not only by principles and values and beliefs, but also, by our perception of the world around us.

Today, I don't have any answers.  To those on the front lines of these battles - #Persist #Resist!


Last night, I recorded next weeks Double Shot show and then made the decision to go out to Springwater to see Earie winners Brian Milligram and Jon Worthy perform, and to see Jeremiah Tall - who I had written about some time ago, and to see a band I was not familiar with Cullen Wade and the Waters.  I'm glad I went out.  Jeremiah Tall - who performs as a one-man band with a suitcase for a kick drum - was excellent.   Brian Milligram - performing live for the first time in a few months (and playing as a three piece) was as good as I remember - throwing a Woody Guthrie song and an anarchist punk cover into his set - which included some of my favorites from Dead Letters.  I am now a fan of Cullen Wade and The Waters - two of whose members are from Louisiana. They are on my radar and I can't wait to hear more.  Jon Worthy went on last, and there were not many of us left when we played - which is a shame, but it happens. I loved hearing him play some of my favorite songs of the two albums we have featured on E2TG.

SHOW ALERT: Tomorrow night is a E2TG recommended show at The Country (located one block over from Springwater).  Sean Quinn and the Tremblers (whose new album we reviewed yesterday), Earie Award winner Josh Morris, and 2015 Artist of the Year (and 2016 Earie Winner) Jon Latham. This should be a wonderful show.

Let's jump into the shuffle - Featured Friday style!

"Someone New to Disappoint" by Scott Ramminger

Do What Your Heart Says To - the new CD from Singer/Songwriter/Sax man Scott Ramminger is officially out today, and the random shuffle begins with a track from that album - which was recorded in New Orleans.
"Space Walk" by Microwave Mountain

Happy to hear more Microwave Mountain.  If you get the chance to see them live - I highly recommend it. I can't wait to see them play again soon.  Shades Up - is the independent release they have out now. 

"See the Light" by Tim Lee 3

Long time E2TG faves Tim Lee 3 are up next with a track from their pre-hiatus release Tin. Man.   Look for Tim and Susan Lee playing as BARK. 

*Bonus Track* by Microwave Mountain

How about another Microwave Mountain track?  About about the untitled final track from Shades Up.  How about it? (Hint: The correct response is "hell yes!")

"Did You Want Me" by Danielle French

Our final track to feature from the album Miss Scarlett and the Man Men present Dark Love Songs. Danielle French is a singer/songwriter dedicated to improving her craft in both those areas (and the results here are impressive), and she is also a filmmaker. 

"Daggers" by The Soul of John Black

Okay, my shuffle has been holding out a little.  The self titled album The Soul of John Black was released earlier this year, and I have to say it is sitting pretty securely in the upper reaches of my favorite albums of the year (and I know the year is young but that's why I said securely).  Lead my John Bigham - a musician who has worked with everyone from John Lee Hooker to Miles Davis to Eminem. His music combines elements of soul and the blues and much more. It is highly original and highly addictive. Expect more!  And check out the album. Semi-conincidently, The Soul of John Black is currently at Folk Alliance and will be playing in Miss Jill PR's room this weekend. (Maybe today)

"Battle of Wounded Knee" by Saint Luke's Drifters

We close things out with one of my favorite songs off Trials and Tribulations by Earie winners Saint Luke's Drifters.  The album was engineered by Eric Ambel.  The album is fantastic and if you get against to see these guys live - do it!

VIDEO PLAYLIST (This is a Link)
Okay - I am really getting annoyed with YouTube and embedding.  I have using this feature for a few years now, and it just stopped working this week.  If you have any clue as to how to remedy this situation, please send me a message)  

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