Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Take the Elevator Mix

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Today what is on my mind is intellectual curiosity. I have heard this term used quite a bit recently, and often in the context of the current President lacking this quality. So, I wondered what does this mean...

"The intellectually curious person has a deep and persistent desire to know. She asks and seeks answers to the “why” questions. And she doesn’t stop asking at a surface level, but instead asks probing questions in order to peel back layers of explanation to get at the foundational ideas concerning a particular issue." from Psychology Today April 2014

So, I think this means (in simplistic terms): I observe something or get some information, and I first ask is this information/observation true.  And if it turns out to be true or accurate, then I begin asking "why"and I keep asking "why" until I get to the core issue/ truth.

So, how does this relate to our current administration.  "Immigrants and refugees commit a disproportionate number of crimes" - maybe this was said by someone or maybe I noticed when I read a news article about a crime - it often seems like the perpetrator is a non-citizen. Okay - what next.  An intellectually curious person would first try to get data and facts to support this statement or observation and then (IF) proven would begin asking "Why" questions and continue until reaching a core issue that can be addressed in a meaningful way.

As for someone lacking intellectual curiosity... well, I think we can all see what would happen next...


Tonight - Brian Langlinais wraps up his month-long residency at The 5 Spot. It will be a party and believe me Cajun's know how to party.  E2TG faves Adrian + Meredith open plus Fifth and Main (from Detroit) will perform followed by Langlinais and Earl 6. Not to mention a promise of Cajun food!

Let's jump right into the Wild Wednesday shuffle- true to its name - we cover a lot of musical ground today...

"Get Back Up" by Scott Ramminger

Another from Do What Your Heart Says To...  this a recently released album from singer/songwriter/sax player. Scott Ramminger.  It occurred to me that I have two bluesy sax players in current heavy rotation right now. I have no complaints about that. 
"Last Night Sleep" by CAN

Can were an experimental rock band from Germany. They were active from 1968 to 1979 and have reunited a few times since then.  One such reunion lead to the inclusion of this song on the soundtrack to the film Until the End of the World. 

"The Great Atomic Power" by The Louvin Brothers

We move onto a song from the influential duo of Charlie and Ira Louvin (aka Loudermilk), and a song about atomic power and how it might help to usher in the end of times. - in that sense a nice segue from the Can song....  

"This Must Be the Place" by Iron and Wine + Ben Bridwell

Where else to go from the Louvin Brothers than to a Talking Heads cover by Iron and Wine with Ben Bridwell of Band of Horses.  This is from a 2015 album called Sing Into My Mouth. 

"The Baseball Song" by Mike June

Well... Baseball time is officially here.  So how about a pretty cool song from Poor Man's Bible by Mike June.  He is a singer-songwriter originally from New Jersey and more recently based in Austin Texas.  

"I Came as a Rat" by Smokey the Firebear

Next up, we have Smokey the Firebear - a teenage experimental musician from Connecticut with an instrumental jam version of a Modest Mouse song.

"Trust Me" by Shadow 15

Next up, some old school (but fresh sounding) punk rock from the Nashville band Shadow 15.  I became aware of them in the 1980s.  They released a compilation called Far Away a few years ago.  

"Hotel Yorba" by Jack White/White Stripes

Next up, we have a version of the first commercial single by The White Stripes. It is taken from Acoustic Recordings 1998 - 2016 which was released back in September by White on Third Man Records.  

"If I Could" by Tim Carroll

Keeping it local, we have Tim Carroll with one of his best known (or at least most covered) songs.  From the album, All Kinds of Pain.  It's been fun - over the past two and half years or so - hearing all the different ways that Carroll plays this song- from super fast to slowed down... 

"Street Light" by Corey Ledet and His His Zydeco Band

We close out with some Zydeco music from Louisiana to get us in the mood for Brian Langlinais tonight. I have been digging this album - Standing of Faith is due out March 3.

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