Monday, February 27, 2017

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - A Whisper in the Dark Mix

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Jumping back into the daily grind after an enjoyable weekend with my daughter and another fun recording for a future Double Shot show...

A quick reality check: Right now in America (2017), Customs agents are stopping domestic travelers and demanding papers.  Among the high profile people detained under the guidance from the Republican administration:  a noted children's author, an American Olympic medalist, the son of Muhammad Ali, and (chillingly) a note historian who specializes in studies of the Holocaust.  This is not the America I have known my whole life.

The Republican administration (which has placed white nationalists in positions of power) has made up three different "terrorist" attacks to justify a travel ban.  And, they have remained silent to real terror attacks by white nationalists on people of color across the country.

Resist! Persist!

Okay - to music...  First of all, because I don't get to say this every day - check out The Voice on NBC tonight to see and hear my friend and Earie award winner Taylor Alexander!

Reminder!  Details coming very soon, but #E2TG will be taking over The 5 Spot every single Wednesday in May (there are 5 of them). It's all to celebrate the 6th Anniversary of this blog.  I cannot wait to tell you who you will be seeing and hearing, but it's going to be great!

On Monday, we shuffle up songs from our Music City playlist - featuring songs with Nashville connections....

"Boy With No Name" by Brian Wright and the Waco Tragedies

We begin with a track from Bluebird by E2TG Artist of the Year - Brian Wright and his old band The Waco Tragedies. Brian has been getting so high profile exposure playing with the insanely talented Aaron Lee Tasjan.  He is one of the coolest cats I know and one of the best songwriters.

"Lisa Hannigan" by Tom Schreck

Speaking of great songwriters... Tom Schreck is one of my favorites.  This is a track from his Nashville debut - Outsider. 

"Little Bit Of Trouble" by Mike Cullison

Next - from Front Porch Philosophy - E2TG favorite  - the Roadside Rambler - is on the hunt for some trouble to get into.  I think he's gonna find it!

"Welcome to Earth (Pollywog)" by Sturgill Simpson

Next - we have the one and only Sturgill Simpson - with a sweet song from his Grammy winning album A Sailor's Guide to Earth. 

"Waterman Town" by 2 Ton Bridge

2 Ton Bridge - the artist and the album is California through and through. Alexander Wright - who is 2 Ton Bridge and producer Marvin Etzioni are based on California - where much of the album was recorded. But, the some parts were recorded in Nashville and there is enough of a Nashville connection to justify its inclusion here. 

"Polygraph" by The 81's

I continue to really enjoy Big Man by this band which features Tim Carroll, Luella, and Cameron Carrus.   

"Too Far Gone" by Charlie Whitten

And we close things out with Singer-songwriter Charlie Whitten. This demo - comes from a Noisetrade release called An Assortment. I last saw Charlie playing with the band Stationwagon - who opened for Buck N Stuff during their residency back in January at the Legion. 

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