Monday, July 24, 2017

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - They're Giving Him Hell Mix

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Well, the heat wave has broken just slightly with some showers, storms, and clouds.

Meanwhile, another week has begun - the final full week in July. I know this is partially a sign of age, but really, where is the time going?

Oh well... whatever... never mind.   It's Monday and that means we have Music City Monday - featuring songs/albums/artists who have some kind of connection to Nashville, Tennessee.  To paraphrase Double Shot with Joe and Sue, it's Music City connected if I say it is... Onward...

"The Gift of Goodbye" by Nick Nace

First up, a Canadian-born, Nashville singer-songwriter who I was introduced to by Jon Latham.  He played Week 2 of my May Residency at The 5 Spot, and I instantly became a fan.  His EP Canadiana Americana is rich with great songs and Nace's distinctive vocals.   

"The Singer (in Louisville)" by The Coal Men

Next up, from Pushed to the Side...  The Coal Men are going to begin playing every third Friday at The Radio Cafe. They started this past Friday, and I was lucky enough to catch it.  I highly recommend catching The Coal Men whenever you can.  They sang this song Friday night and they also did a killer cover of the Velvet Underground's "I'm Waiting For My Man".

"Pawn Shop" by Danny Trashville

From his album, The Great Unknown, Nashville singer-songwriter Danny Trashville with a song about pawn shops - it is not coincidence that a few of favorite local songwriters have songs that mention pawn shops. 

"Last Winter" by 2Ton Bridge

California singer-songwriter Alexander Wright, who records as 2Ton Bridge, recorded parts of his latest album, also called 2Ton Bridge here in Nashville, and he is a regular visitor to our fair city - so I happily placed his music in my Music City Monday playlist. Besides, I love hearing winter songs during the dog days of summer. 

"If Texas is So Great" by Jon Byrd

Jon Byrd can definitely make you cry.  He can play a heartbreaking sad country song like very few contemporary singers.  But, he can also write great songs like this one that make you laugh and put a smile on your face.  

"All Alone" by Tomorrow's World

From the landmark local compilation, City Without a Subway, which stands as a wonderful snapshot into a moment of time in Nashville in the mid 1980s.  The album was a benefit for 91-Rock which is kind of a spiritual predecessor to WXNA. I know some of my friends who have a long history in the Nashville music scene, no more about Tomorrow's World than I do, but I have always loved this song. 

"Fire Marshall" by BR5-49

From the album Live from Robert's,  this is one of a few pleas for tips from the stage included as separate tracks on this album. Currently, I have one song and couple more of this "interludes" left to present from this album.  You can always tell when you are a show of someone who played Lower Broad (or similar situations) because they are always the most aggressive in asking for tips. The fact is, if you go to a "No Cover" show, tipping is expected.  

"I Don't Want You to Leave" by Sammy Brue

Sammy Brue released his album I Am Nice on New West Records back in June. This is the title track of his previous, self-released EP. An exceptionally talented young person. 

"Slow Train Comin'" by Pinmonkey

And, we close out the Music City shuffle with the opening track from the 2002 album by Nashville country music band Pinmonkey.  The band features drummer Rick Schell who will be on stage at The 5 Spot this Saturday for the CD Release Show for Mark Robinson Band's album, "Live at The 5 Spot". 

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