About E2TG - Ear to the Ground

E2TG - Ear to the Ground suggests listening for what comes next, and I hope to use this forum to spotlight some up and coming, under-heard, and cutting  edge bands.  But, I think E2TG is more than that.  First of all, there are place to go for the latest, hippest bands that are more connected than I am.  I hope to have links to some of those soon.  E2TG represents to me a state of openness and awareness and a willingness to admit, I don't know it all.  I want to spotlight bands and music that have been neglected or forgotten or left behind, but which still speak to me deeply.  So, about this blog - this blog is about music.  It is discovery and reclamation and redemption.  No limits, no restrictions.
What this is not...  I am not a music critic.  Chances are, if I don't like something, I won't post anything about it.  Does that mean, I absolutely, positively love everything about every song, band etc. that I post? Of course not.  Does it mean, I will only gush about music? Probably not.  If I'm disappointed in the latest release of a long-time favorite, I'll tell you.  Is that different than criticism? I think it is, but you can be the judge.  
This is an experiment for me, but I am committed to keeping it going.  If anything strikes a sour note, let me know.  If you are in or know about a band which you like me to consider featuring, drop me a line. 
I welcome comments - good or bad - I want this to be a conversation and not a monologue. I can take it.  I just ask that you be civil.
e2tgmusic@gmail.com  is how you can reach me.  Reference E2TG in your subject so I can easily know it's about the blog.

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  1. Thanks for spinning me today!

    I'm not really a color analyst - I just play one on tv. I'm thinking you're a "summer".