Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Ignite Albania Mix

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Okay... so I had a long commute to a training class, and I am pressed for time... so I am going to have to be very brief with my descriptions (especially on artist I've written about before and recently).  It will be the same tomorrow....

Here goes...  Sorry to be so brief... more on all of these artist/albums later.

"Trust" + "Tiger Pudding" by Life in a Blender

Two tracks from Happy Enough, the latest album by this band from Brooklyn. Rebecca Weiner-Tompkins of Conrad y Skordalia appears on a few tracks on this album.  

"Lazarus" by Bark

More good stuff from Year of the Dog by E2TG Faves - Bark of Knoxville. 

"Resurrection Mary" by John Dennis

This may be a repeat but it's a great song.  Nashville singer-songwriter John Dennis from his album Second Wind.  Dennis's birthday was the same day as mine - a week ago this past Sunday.

"message to the dsn" by si,irene

A first listen.  From an album called BEE by this Japanese (I think) band.  I'll have more about them as I have time.

"Pedal to the Metal" by Matt Tanner

Another track from the forthcoming self-titled album Matt Tanner. His album was recorded here in Nashville. 

"Traveling Mercy" by Christine Rosander

I think this is our first listen to Been a Long Time (which comes out Friday) from L.A. Singer-songwriter Christine Rosander.

"Pariah Stomp" + "Get Me Outta Here" by Broken Guru

A couple more tracks from the new album by Broken Guru. The album is called Violets Exposed to Radiation.  Good, loud rock and roll. 

"Baby Come Home" by Tim Easton

Another track from Easton's forthcoming acoustic album Paco and the Melodic Polaroids.  Great stuff.

"Gonna Rock" by AJ Ghent J-Ent

Another first listen - from the forthcoming The Neo Blues Project. Atlanta, GA artist AJ Ghent (J-Ent).  Expect to hear much more. 

"The Star Spangled Banner" by Charlie Smyth

How about our National Anthem from The Way I Feel by Charlie Smyth. 

"Albania" by Discount Ravoli

A six second... song... from Baby Arms Sessions.  Please note, there are now some Discount Ravioli videos on YouTube.  Not this track but songs from their concept album Captain Fettuccine and the Quest for The Champ on Earth II.

"Patient, Patient Man" by Marie/LePanto

Another track from Tenkiller. My prediction is that this will end up being one of my favorite albums of 2018.

"The Ignite Song" by Ugggy

E2TG Artist of the Year - another track from the synesthesia tape.

"Bittersweet" by Matthew Sweet

From Tomorrow Forever.

"Rose Rose" by Rayvon Pettis

E2TG Artist of the Year  from Dying Light.  

"Give God the Blues" by Phil Madeira

From Strange Freedom: Songs of Love and Protest. Legendary Nashville musician, songwriter, and producer Phil Madeira.  A great song. 

"Drool" by Raven King

Our first listen to this alt rock band from Providence, Rhode Island.  From their recently released self-titled album. 

"Why Don't You Stop It" by Red's Blues

And - last but not least, another track from You Knock Me Out.

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