Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle - Full Grown Man Mix

In the middle of posting this, I heard about the passing of Rock and Roll legend Bobby Keys. The long-time Rolling Stones saxophonist was a resident of Nashville at the time of his passing, and I had the great pleasure of seeing him and his band play a free lunch time show at the downtown Public Library in the summer of 2013.  RIP Bobby Keys...

Today's shuffle follows no set pattern, obeys no written (or unwritten) rules, and was a heck of a lot of fun to listen to on a rainy morning commute.

"Thunderstorm" by The Western Shore from Thunderstorm

The rain this morning hardly qualified as a Thunderstorm - nevertheless, I am always glad to hear songs by one of my favorite East Nashville duos.

"Three Little Angels" by The Dirty Guv'nahs from Hearts on Fire

From Knoxville, The Dirty Guv'nahs have a great band name, and an awesome groovy sound.

"North Side Gal" by JD McPherson from The Rounder Records Collection/Signs and Signifiers

Happiness is finding some JD McPherson music on NoiseTrade...  This song is from his 2012 album.

"St. James Infirmary" by Jon Batiste and Stay Human from Social Music

Jon Batiste is an innovative jazz pianist from New Orleans.  I recently got turned on to his music when a new project he is involved in came to light. That project - The Process - features Batiste along with avant garde bassist Bill Laswell, and RHCP drummer Chad Smith. Here we have Batiste and his band doing an standard made famous by Louis Armstrong.

"Blue in Green" by Miles Davis from The Classic Album Collection/Kind of Blue

Keeping things in a jazz groove (and the first of three instrumentals in a row).  How about Miles Davis...

"La Mort" by Martial Solal from A Bout De Souffle (Breathless)

From the soundtrack of the French New Wave classic (and Jon Luc Godard's first feature film), comes this track from the jazz pianist and composer Martial Solal.

"Great Blue C" by The 442s from The 442s

The 442s are from St. Louis. The band features two jazz musicians and two classical musicians.  They have an innovative sound and approach that I really dig. This was my first listen, and I want to hear more.

"Big Love" by Little Village from Little Village 

And we close out the shuffle with another great song from this amazing collection of talent. 



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