Friday, June 17, 2016

E2TG Album Review: The Goodbye Guy - Real Good At Saying Goodbye by Taylor Alexander

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Real Good At Saying Goodby - Taylor Alexander (June 17)

Nashville singer-songwriter, Taylor Alexander has been making music for several years. He was a member of the Atlanta-based band Young America which enjoyed regional success in the Southeast.  He moved to Nashville a couple of years ago; and when Young America broke up, he began concentrating on his solo career.

He is set to release his first solo EP, Real Good At Saying Goodbye on June 17. In just three songs, Alexander manages to capture the essence of his strength as as songwriter and as a singer. He insists that his music is not traditional country per se, which is refreshing and telling. At a time, when “traditional country” is coming back into a fashion, there a lot of artists jumping to claim that mantle and throwing together the requisite set pieces to complete the effect.

Taylor Alexander brings a refreshing note of genuineness to his songs thanks in large part to his very distinctive and rich vocals. With a Georgia drawl, his voice breathes life into his well-written songs.

“Break My Heart Tonight” is a mid-tempo country song pushed along by a pedal steel guitar played by Jess Perkins who happens to be the son of Gram Parson’s pedal steel player, Al Perkins.

On the "Wishing My Life Away", Taylor Alexander is joined by Lindsay Ellyn, and the pair’s harmonies rival some of the best male/female duos in country music history.  Taylor and Lindsay have a standing gig at Sugar in historic Leiper’s Fork just south of Nashville every Sunday afternoon.

The title track features background vocals from Kiely Schlesinger - a talented songwriter with one of the best voices around.

If the EP has a downside, it is that it is over too soon. It definitely will leave the listener wanting to hear more.

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