Friday, October 7, 2016

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - What is Not Lost Mix

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I've decided to tell you a bit more about Buck 'N Stuff because, well, Buck 'N Stuff.  First of all, they do not have any recorded music yet, but there is some live performance documentation in the form of videos. Including this one:

About the band:  Members: Bass: Buck 'N Stuff Bass Player - has been known to play a giant fiddle (but not with Buck 'N Stuff) and is alleged to have once overheard two junkies talking through a motel wall in New Orleans.  Drums: Buck 'N Stuff Drummer - is a strict adherent to Maritime Law and is rumored to be a Cat Lover.  Guitar/Vocals: Buck 'N Stuff Guitarist/Singer - when not playing in Buck 'N Stuff usually can be found sitting behind a twangy table (pro-tip: Do not place drinks on the Twangy Table- word has it that Twangy Table players are kind of sensitive about this). Also does instructional videos about how to properly prepare chicken wings.

Tonight - I will be at Tim Carroll Rock 'N Roll Happy Hour at the world famous The 5 Spot, and then heading to The Beast for a tribute show to both Nebraska and Nashville Skyline featuring a whole bunch of really cool people - many of whom have been played on or featured by E2TG.

Tying all of this together as only E2TG can, today is release day for "How We Lost the War" by Zach Schmidt. This is one you really need to check out.  Schmidt made his Music Roots debut on Wednesday. He is one of the folks for which the Buck 'N Stuff Guitarist/Singer sometimes plays Twangy Table.  And, he will be singing at the tribute show tonight.  See how I did that?

It is Friday - we have some featured songs in the shuffle:

"Everytime" by Angels on the Fourth

A relatively new band from Upstate New York which features some former members of E2TG 2012 Band of the Year Skeletons in the Piano. Their debut EP is called Breaking Skin. This track features guest vocals by Dave Gutters of Rustic Overtones which according to their Facebook page is totally coincidentally "liked" by the Buck 'N Stuff Guitarist/Singer. Small world.  

"Things Ain't Been the Same" by Ivas John

Ivas John is from Missouri by way of Illinois. This is a track from his latest album Good Days a Comin'. Great sounding blues influenced music. 

"My Whole Life" by Bob Margolin

Bob Margolin is known as "Steady Rollin'".  He is a real deal blues musician who played with Muddy Waters in the 1970s.  This track from his latest album My Road - tells a story I'm sure familiar to many of my musician friends. Heck, I can related just thinking about the place I am now in my life. 

"Regina" by The Grisly Hand

The Grisly Hand are a rock and roll band from Kansas City, MO. Their latest album is called Flesh and Gold. I really dig this song. 

"Welcome to the Blues" by John Paul Daniel

Lot's of blues in this shuffle. Here is John Paul Daniel from his album All is Well. Sometimes you have the blues even when all is well. 

"Down and Blue" by Laurence Jones

As I have mentioned, Laurence Jones is UK blues rock guitar prodigy, and his latest album Take Me High was made with legendary British blues rock producer Mike Vernon. The results are as incendiary as one might expect.  

"Breakthrough" by The Slang

Next up, we have another cool song from Night and Day be Ohio band The Slang. 

"I'll Keep It With Mine" by Richard Barone

We close things out with track from Richard Barone's Sorrows and Promises - which is a tribute to the Greenwich Village folk scene of the sixties and seventies. This is, of course, is the Bob Dylan song which he attempted to release on a couple of different albums, but which did not appear on record until some later compilations/Bootleg Series releases.  Judy Collins was, I believe, the first to record this. Until I heard this version, my favorite version was Nico's cover.  I could not find a video for Richard Barones version, but I found a cover of  the song by another Richard (Thompson) along with Linda Thompson. Not too bad. 


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