Friday, February 3, 2017

Feature Friday Morning Shuffle - Crumbs Mix

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First all thanks for the support and kind words following my "rant" yesterday.  I am going to keep my off-topic portion of the blog post short and sweet.

There is a white supremacist in the White House who has been given unprecedented power over domestic and international affairs. - Yes I have posted this before, but I will continue to say it until it is not the case.

Today is Friday and we shuffle up some tunes from the "New Music" playlist which includes mostly music sent to or given to me by artists, publicists etc. These are all somewhat "new" releases, but I don't really have a set time period to when I take albums/songs off this playlist.  Anyway, it is a good one, so let's jump in.

"The Devil Sitting Next to Me" by Mike Cullison

We begin with Nashville singer-songwriter - The Roadhouse Rambler from his album Front Porch Philosophy which was recorded by Mark Robinson's students at The Art Institute.  

"Unhappy Anywhere" by The Coal Porters

Next up, another track from No. 6 - the lastest album by The Coal Porters. 

Arrhythmia Dreaming" by Post Death Soundtrack

Adding some variety to the shuffle - some industrial/alternative music from this band who are from Vancouver. The album is called The Unlearning Curve. 

"Veterans Song (My Brother)" by Joe Kidd and Sheila Burke

Some more classic sounding folk music from Joe and Sheila off their album Everybody Has a Purpose. A great song about the "hidden"costs of war. Unfortunately, it is as timely as ever. 

"I Don't Know" by Paul Zografi

The first of two songs in today's shuffle from Nashville artist and E2TG fave Paul Zografi and his latest album Rack. 

"Overture" by A Crash Republic

I have really been digging this collection of Demos which was released last year, and only recently came to my attention.  A Crash Republic are a young pop punk/punk band from Massachusetts. 

"Crumbs" by Paul Zografi

The second song from Rack by Paul Zografi.  His latest album features from of my favorite Nashville folks - like Tim Carroll, Luella, Justin Amaral etc. 

"Freckle Blues" by Leland Sundries

And we close things out this today and this week with a track from Music For Outcasts by this awesome New York band fronted by Nick Loss-Eaton. 


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