Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Big Drum, Small Axe Mix

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Well, yesterday was a holiday.  I was going to try to post something, but I ended up spending a large portion of my day at the eye doctor.  Then, I went into work today (and listened to the shuffle below while traversing the snowy roads of Nashville with people who do and do not know how to drive in snowy conditions.  Then, around eleven, pretty much everyone decided to go home, so I slipped and slid down the hill to my car and made my way home where I am writing this post.

Anyway, it's extremely cold, and I am sipping on a hot beverage.

I have to give a huge shout out to everyone who made it out Saturday for my birthday bash.  Special thanks to those who bought me beer and to those who unexpectedly brought me presents, and extra special thanks to Conrad y Skordalia, Danny Henry, and Nelson, Zimmerman, and Quinn for providing great music.

Onward and upward - as they say...  By the way, several songs in this shuffle are brand new and/or not yet released, so I could not find the videos for the exact song in some cases. I have tried to post a video to represent each song, and where possible, I have provided link or embeds for the song featured. In a couple of cases, you will have to wait until release to hear some of the songs.  In any case, let's go!

"Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes" by Charlie Smyth

We start things out with a track from Charlie Smyth's new album The Way I Feel.  You may remember Charlie from The Western Shore which we featured a couple of years ago. He is back with a new album under his own name, but he is still backed by the beautiful voice of his wife Kalee Smyth (whose birthday is today by the way, so happy birthday Kalee), and keep your eye out for The Way I Feel. This is a cover of a song written by Slim Willet and published in 1952. It has been covered by everyone from Perry Como, Ray Price, Skeets McDonald, Boxcar Willie, Dean Martin, Red Foley, Jerry Lee Lewis, k.d. lang, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, and others.

"Big Bass Drum" by Ladies Gun Club

E2TG 2017 Band of the Year, Ladies Gun Club, with their powerful and empowering song Big Bass Drum from their album Take My Love Away.

"Renegades Rebels and Rogues" by Matt Tanner

Next up, we have a track from the forthcoming, self-titled album from Matt Tanner which was recorded in Nashville.  He released a video for another song which we have already featured - "Josephine" (in the Video playlist), and we have a link to listen to this track here:  Song link

"Goodnight Baby" by Brian Wright (feat. Torrance Jackson)

2016 E2TG Artist of the Year Brian Wright is up next with a track from Cafe Rooster Session Vol. 2.

"Small Axe" by Lazarus

Next, we have Texas songwriter Lazarus with his cover of the Bob Marley songs, Small Axe, from his album Rock N Roll Heart. 

"Let Go This Time" by Jennifer Lyn and The Groove Revival

Next, we have our first listen to Badlands, the new album from North Dakota, Blues/Rock artist Jennifer Lyn and her band The Groove Revival. The album was produced by Richard Torrance, and we will be hearing more from this album in the future (and later in this shuffle.  Here is a link to hear this track:  Song Link

"Dipshit" by Discount Ravioli

Our favorite band of teenaged misfits are back with yet another track from Baby Arm Sessions, discussing the important questions, like why doesn't anyone call anyone dipshit anymore. 

"Eternal Light" by Caroline Cotter

We have another first listen - this is a track from Home on the River by singer-songwriter Caroline Cotter. Cotter is based in Maine, and the album is due out fairly soon. She is currently in Florida on a pre-release tour.

"Anything But Me" by Jennifer Lyn and The Groove Revival

As promised, we have a second track from Badlands, which you can hear here:     Song Link
"She's Gone" by MJ Bishop

Next, we have Nashville singer-songwriter MJ Bishop with a song from her album Give It Away Again.  Now, that I've met her, I have been seeing her around town more.

"Rest Be Mine" by Marie/Lepanto
"Famished Raven" by Marie Lepanto

We have a couple of more songs from Tenkiller, the new project that features Will Johnson and Justin Kinkel-Shuster. The album is due out January 26. For now, all I can let you hear is Inverness which we posted last week, but I can assure you, the rest of the album is top-notch.
"Tequila" by Sarah Clanton
Next, we have a track from Nashville singer/songwriter/cellist Sarah Clanton from here release called Middle Tree Studio Live.  

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