Monday, March 9, 2015

Monday Morning Music Shuffle - Mother Knows Best Mix

I had the great opportunity to hear some tracks from two of my most anticipated albums of the year, and man oh man are they going to be good... keep your ear to the ground or stay tuned to Ear to the Ground for new albums from Jon Latham and Darrin Bradbury in the future.

In other news, CXCW is rapidly approaching.  Get those videos made and submitted...

Now to the shuffle... as I have written on more than one occasion, I love short songs, but long songs make writing the blog easier...  we have a bevy of longer songs and thus we have only six in the shuffle today...

"I Shall Sail No More (No More Shall I Sail)" by Whale Fall

Whale Fall are an awesome sounding Instrumental band from Los Angeles which features lush melodies fleshed out by a cello and a saxophone.  I dig this track a whole bunch.  The album is called The Madrean and it was released back in December.

"Everyday I Love You More" by [debut]

Hot and fresh from my inbox to your earhole.... Another innovative band from L.A.  [debut] add an alternative flair to their brand of electronica.  The album is called Postcards from Berlin, and it is out now.

"Mother Knows Best" by Richard Thompson

I will redundantly say that this is one of my favorite songs on Richard Thompson's classic solo album Rumor and Sigh...

"For the Sake of the Song" by Townes Van Zandt

Saturday was the 71st anniversary of the birth of one of the greatest songwriters of all time.  I grabbed this recording of a 1973 convert from Aquarium Drunkard.  It sounds amazing... and it is Townes!

"The Best Room" by Modest Mouse

The new Modest Mouse album is about a week away.  The album is called Strangers to Ourselves, and this is the second listen we've had here at E2TG.

"Rebel Woman" by Chiwoniso Maraire

We close out this short set of music with a song from the late American born, Zimbabwean mbira musician who was the daughter of mbira master Dumisani Maraire.  I first read about Dumisani on Valued Customers peacefork blog, and that is how I rabbit holed my way to this track.  A perfect selection, I think, for the day after International Women's Day.       



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