Thursday, April 14, 2016

E2TG Video Premiere: Zachariah Red - "40 Miles"

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Why not go for the trifecta?  Back in October, I had the great honor of premiering the song "40 Miles"  - I had this to say:
"40 Miles" is pure Mid West, Blue Collar American Music. It drips with the blood sweat and tears of its characters and of its creator. This is not manufactured Country/Rock music - it is as real as it gets and it has been built brick by brick, and to that point, it is a brick in and of itself, and I for one cannot wait to see what Zachariah Red will build next.

One of things Zach built next was the album, Backbone, which I had the opportunity to review back in January. (Both here and at No Depression.)  Of the album, I had this to say:

On his aptly titled new album, Backbone (out Jan. 15), he frames the album with a solid mix of Midwestern country, heartland rock and roll, and solid songwriting skills that he has sharpened to a fine point during his time in East Nashville. 
Now, Zachariah Red is releasing the first Official Video from Backbone for the song, "40 Miles".  The video was shot in East Nashville on a chilly night last November by Rift Media.

The (mostly) performance video features Zach and his band (Taylor Alexander, Drew Kohl, Raun Shultz, and Zach Zink) performing the song around a campfire while a colorful cast of characters look on and dance along. (Several of the "extras" also appeared on the album).  It is a fun - light-hearted video that serves as an excellent counter-point to the gritty hard-working theme of the song.

Backbone is available on iTunes and other on-line sources.  You can follow Zachariah Red on Facebook.

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  1. Cool! I like the song. Brings me into summer. :D