Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Wild One Mix

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I have been so inspired of late, watching friends having their dreams come true in so many ways....  The Americana Music Association announced their final group of artists for next months festival, and I was so happy to see some good friends on the list (many of them making their debuts as official showcase artists). Several people who may have read about on E2TG are on the list including the most recent two Artist of the Year!

Seeing the Foresters and others from the Dord Music Group - absolutely killing it at Athens PopFest and getting an amazing opportunity to play alongside their heroes from the Elephant 6 collective.

See friends releasing new albums and getting the opportunities to play "big" shows...

It moves me to do more with the opportunities I have been given.

Hey ho! Let's go! Tuesday - what's "trending" at E2TG?  Find out!

"with you all the time" by The All-About

Some lushly gorgeous indie-pop music from the album Be Safe Goodbye which came out back in April.  The All-About are part of the Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen collective. Check it!

"Nothing's Gonna Save You Now" by Pony Boy

I was noticing on my Facebook "On This Day" thing - that four years ago this month, Pony Boy was one of my featured artists of the month.  That was before she begin spending some time in Nashville.  This is another fine track from her most recent album, Blue Gold.  

"Cherry Popsicle" by Ask for Joy

Another track from the excellent album, New Private Window (which I guess is some sort of web browser reference, but I would not know anything about that).  Cherry Popsicle is every bit as salacious and suggestive as you might think... Ask for Joy are from Austin. 

"How It Should Be" by A Color Engine

I had almost forgotten this was in my playlist still.  A Color Engine was a band that included Don Ryan along with Eric Burchfield from the band Elephant Goes West.  Don Ryan has been a E2TG favorite since near the beginning, and Elephant Goes West was a featured band back in those early days of yore.   For the video, since I could not find any A Color Engine on You Tube, I found a performance featuring Ryan and Burchfield along with Rob from The Danbury Lie. 

"Miracle Sound" by The Slang

From the Inbox... the Slang are an alt-rock band from Columbus, Ohio  Their latest release is called Night and Day, and it was recorded at Ocean Ways Studio in Nashville.  Looking back, I realized I wrote about this band back in 2014 when their previous (self-titled EP) was released. 

"Wild One" by Clint Morgan

Another from Clint Morgan's excellent Scofflaw album. This is a cover of a 1950s song from Australian rock and roller Johnny O'Keefe.  I know it best from Iggy Pop's cover.  Did this version of the classic.  

"Back of the Eyes" by Dirty Basement Blues

And we close things out with another track from the album Coming Clean from Waterford, Michigan blue/rock band Dirty Basement Blues.  I dig the sound of this band.  


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