Friday, March 17, 2017

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - The Swirlies Mix

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First of all a quick check-in:  Almost two months in to this nightmare. A white supremacist is still holding a major position of power in the current administration.  Programs that benefit the most vulnerable of our citizens are being cut, the billionaire first family is costing the taxpayers exorbitant amounts of money, the proposed Republidontcare plan will give tax breaks to the wealthy while forcing the most vulnerable to choose between eating and healthcare - if that even is a choice for many.  The administration believes it is okay to make wild accusations without a shred of proof. I could go on.... I haven't even touched on Russia.  How long will this go on, and how much more damage will be done?

Moving on.  I headed to The 5 Spot last night for the Smoky White Devils' residency show. Cody Brooks and Bee Taylor opened the show.  As I have written, I saw Bee Taylor last week, and I was blown away.  Cody Brooks played guitar with her for that show, but this was my first time seeing him do his own songs. I am a very big fan of these two.  Most excellent - rocking, soulful stuff.  A great start.

Smoky White Devils - well last week I mentioned the incredible combined experience of the members of this budding supergroup. Never mind all that, the fact is this guys rock! The music has elements of southern rock, roots music, blues, country and who knows what else.  What could be a clash of egos instead is a delightful combination of experienced and talented players.  Richie Owens, Peter Keys, Nick Kane with the rhythm section of John Reed and Shakey Fowlkes brought it hard and had The 5 Spot moving more than I've seen in a while at a live show. Word is they have been recording, so hopefully we will have some recorded music soon!  They close out their residency next week, and in two weeks is the anniversary show for Richie Owens and the Farm Bureau. Make Thursday at The 5 Spot part of your plans for the remainder of March.
Tonight is St. Patrick's Day.  Be safe and have fun.  If  you find yourself in East Nashville, consider The 5 Spot:  Tim Carroll's usual gig followed by a St,. Patrick's Day show featuring a few E2TG faces - (St.) Patrick Kinsley and a Fistful of Dollars, Clark Paterson, and Ben de la Cour plus The Eskimo Brothers.  Also, Tom Mason and the Blue Buccaneers will be at The Family Wash.  Everyone else is in Austin - I think.

We have some Featured Friday music that starts now!

"When Love Comes to Town" by Vanessa Collier

We start with Vanessa Collier's take on the U2 song that they did with B.B. King. Really like her version quite a bit. 

"Cincinnati" by Adeem the Artist

We continue with an emotionally powerful song from Kyle Adem is Dead. This is actually our last track to feature from that album.  Adeem is hard at work on his series of EPs about birds for which he had a successful funding campaign. He will be in Nashville in about a month. 

"What Maiden What Maiden" by Adam Kurtz

We continue with the first of two sea shanties from the multi-dimension, multi-talented Adam Kurtz. You probably know him as the lead singer and guitarist for Buck n' Stuff, but he is also a busy pedal steel player - who is probably playing two or three simultaneous shows at SXSW as I type this. 

"Situation" by David Olney

I am beyond thrilled to have the chance to preview David Olney's new album - which will be released in two weeks. Check out the video playlist for an episode of his web series featuring a performance of this song.  He will be having a CD Release soon - and his producer Brock Zeman will be down from Canada for that show.  Also, keep your ear to the ground for some news about David Olney in May. 

"The Circle is Closed except Where it Bleeds" by Weird.

Weird. are from Rome, Italy.  They play loud, noisy, alternative rock music. I like them a bunch.  This is a track from their album A Long Period of Blindness. 

"Don't Go No Further" by Brian Langlinais

Brian Langlinais is in Austin, too.  This is a track from his most recent album Right Hand Road. Still thinking about his residency and the gumbo. 

"Beware the Swirlies" by Adam Kurtz

And we close with one more from Mr. Kurtz.  Here warning about that thing where someone sticks your head in a toilet and flushes the commode. er.. or maybe not. I don't think Sea Shanties are particularly Irish, but beside the cover of the U2 song - this is about as Irish as the shuffle gets. 

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