Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Any Day Now Mix

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So, I have a serious question... with mounting evidence of collusion with the Russians to alter the results of the U.S. Presidential Elections and  the clear indications of officials lying about it, is there not anything that can be done to minimize the damage this administration can do before this matter is fully investigated and adjudicated? I'm thinking about long-term things like the Supreme Court nomination....

Man - allergies or whatever really laid me low last night.  (knock on wood), I am feeling better today.

Today is Wednesday - the day we shuffle up ALL of the songs stored in the memory on my phone. I call it Wild Wednesday.  Today we have some recent releases and some older releases.

Let's see where this shuffle takes us.

"Tapes" by Andrew St. James

Andrew St. James is a singer-songwriter from San Francisco.  Sometimes, when I do the Wild Wednesday shuffle - tunes pop up that I have no idea how or when they came to me.  This is one such song.  Anyway, I kind of the dig this song. This is from an album called The Shakes which came out a couple of years ago.

"Pulse" by And the Echo

Oxford, Mississippi based synth-pop band, And the Echo are up next with our final song to feature from their self-titled EP which was released last year. They have a new single - and it looks like a new record coming soon?

"Sharks" by Flavored Cardboard

As you may recall (or maybe not) Flavored Cardboard features Luke Slomba - the only non-Nork member of the The Foresters.  It's a song about feedings oneself to ones friends who happen to be sharks, and the likelihood of parental disapproval for such an action.  The album is called Fingers Crossed. 

"My First Million" by Human Radio

The last track from our re visitation of the self-titled early 90s album by this Memphis/Nashville band.  As I may have mentioned, the original line-up of Human Radio have reunited and they recently released a new album called Samsara.  

"Skeletons" by Christopher Bell

Christopher Bell is a singer-songwriter and cellist. We have featured him before.  This song is on an album called Rust - and includes a cover of Smokestack Lightning. His YouTube channel has some pretty cool and unexpected cello covers - including the one in the video playlist because I could not find a video for this song. He is currently based in Illinois.  

"Stubborn Man" by Scott Ramminger

From the cello to the saxophone.  We have a track from the recently released Do What Your Heart Says To which contains 14 original songs and was recorded in New Orleans. 

"Silver Beetle" by Baron and Byrne

Baron and Byrne is a London based Psych Folk artist. This is the title track from a three song release from about a year ago.  We have featured Baron and Bryne before.  

"One Two" by Crackerboots

And we close out the Wild Wednesday shuffle with another lovely song from the Love, Crackerboots album.  They are recording new music, and you can catch them just about every Saturday at The Family Wash.   Crackerboots is primarily Luella and Bill DeMain (of Swan Dive).

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