Friday, April 28, 2017

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Apathy and Sentiment Mix

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Whew! I am kind of exhausted, and I am behind on about everything, but I am mostly having the time of my life.  So, excited for the May Residency at The 5 Spot which kicks off Wednesday May 3 with The Mark Robinson Band!  This is going to be a great month of music, and I know I will have a blast, and I think you will too.  If you are reading this, and you are in or will be in Nashville on any given Wednesday in May, I hope you will come on out and say hey.

It's our final shuffle of April - where did the time go!

It's Feature Friday time....

"Sentimental Heart" by Joseph Mooradian

We begin with the penultimate track for us to feature from the album Pink and Green by Nashville singer-songwriter Joseph Mooradian. Really digging this album.  Check it out on Bandcamp.

"Loving Family" by Lesley Kernochan

Next up we have our second listen to A Calm Sun - which is the forthcoming album (May 19) from L.A. based singer/songwriter Lesley Kernochan.  Really loving the sound of this album. Her backing band includes players who have worked with Steely Dan, Michael Jackson, Kris Kristofferson, and the Civil Wars among others)

"Sweet Apathy" by A Crash Republic
Next up, we have A Crash Republic from Massachusetts with a track from their 2016 Demos bandcamp release. Some nice aggression for a Friday morning commute!

"Old Town" by Swain

Next up, we have Swain with another from their self-titled album which came out at the tail end of 2016.  Another album that I have really been enjoying.

"Few Old Memories" by Tim O'Brien

Where the River Meets the Road has been out about a month. When I reflect on E2TG at 6 years old, I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to preview and talk about incredible albums like this from artists I have admired for years. Tim O'Brien is a Grammy winner and a member of the West Virginia Bluegrass Hall of Fame.  The album is a musical tribute to his home state. This is a cover of a Hazel Dickens song.

"Medium Blue Pianos" by Ugggy

A lot of Ugggy in this week's shuffle - which is cool with me.  Another here from his The Harvest Beet Tape release.  He has released one mixtape a month since March, and I just got word that the next one is due for a May 1 release (Monday).  His bandcamp page is HERE.  Ugggy is - as I have mentioned - part of the E2TG Band of the Year - Valued Customer.  Extremely lucky to have connected with him and Pat Power a few years back. 

"When the Rain Comes" by Joanna Barbera

Moving back to Nashville singer-songwriters. We have one of my favorites - from her current release Imago.  I got to attend the CD Release House Show a little while back.  
"The Door" by Jared Tyler

Another one that I feel fortunate to get to preview is Dirt on Your Hands.  It is not due out until June. Jared Tyler has worked with Malcolm Holcombe for many years.  He is based in Oklahoma - definitely a hotbed for music these days.  I am really loving this album.  Can't wait for everyone to hear it.  Strong stuff! 

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