Friday, April 7, 2017

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Downslide Mix

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Sleight of hand.  Misdirection. Distraction. The con men all use these tricks to keep the "marks" from seeing what is really going on.  Do not be mislead.  Keep your eye on the ball. Focus. Resist.

Meanwhile, here is a song from 2013 #E2TG Band of the Year - The End Men which is sadly relevant once again.


Okay. Last night, I headed out west - West Nashville that is... my first time at Betty's Grill. Probably my first show that far out west since Stone Fox closed. Pretty cool DIY venue.

A pretty cool line-up of rock and roll music - as the kids call it. Local band Sad Baxter opened the night with some grungy, thumping sounds. I dig them a bunch.  I had previously seen them backing up Bill Eberle at Andrew Leahey's CD Release show last August.

Next up was The Regrets from Brooklyn.  I had previously posted one of their tracks from a Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen compilation (btw, I don't remember all this stuff - the search box is my friend). I dug their music and expect to hear much more. The Regrets are currently on tour with another Brooklyn and MCFK related band, NO ICE who played next.

NO ICE is lead by Jamie Frey.  They are a six piece band and they pretty much freaking rock. The band includes Sam Braverman of Logan X* (whose latest release we are spinning these days). About NO ICE - great songs, great energy. I had posted about them before - also from a MCFK comp - but man I am a fan now for real.

*It was great to finally meet Sam in person. He played me an unreleased Logan X song which sounds amazing.  Look for new music from Logan X coming soon.

Closing the night was another local band, The Mumzees.  They are very young (of course - most bands are very young to me....). The lead singer was wearing a The Fall t-shirt - which was a good sign, and wow!  I don't get out to "punk" shows very often, and so, it is nice to be reminded that the
"kids" are still alright. It was loud and distorted and aggressive (at times), and it was awesome.

All in all, a nice change of pace for me, and nice to get out to a show - after spending most of the week working on stuff.

It's Friday - let's get right to the Featured Friday shuffle...

"Day 3" by Kristin Hersh

Starting off, we have the first of two tracks in today's shuffle  from former Throwing Muses front-woman Kristin Hersh and her latest release Wyatt at the Coyote Palace. This double album was released last year, but it is being released on vinyl TODAY, and in conjunction with that release, I got a digital copy of the album.  Good stuff, and happy to be able to spin it. 

"Holler N Moan" by Thorbjørn Risager and The Black Tornado

Next - a track from Change My Game - the freshly released album by this rocking soul and RnB band from Copenhagen. 

"Devil's on the Downslide" by Vanessa Collier

Next up, we have a song that was nominated for a 2017 International Songwriting Award.  It is off of the 2017 release called Meeting My Shadow.  Vanessa Collier is a vocalist, songwriter, and sax player from Maryland. 

"Close the Door Lightly" by Richard Barone (feat. Allison Moorer)

Next up - another track from the fabulous Sorrows and Promises released by Richard Barone.  The album is dedicated to the Greenwich Village songwriters of the 1960. This track is an Eric Andersen song and features Allison Moorer. 
"Let Me Be Your Everything" by Robert Finley

Next up, we have a track from Age Don't Mean a Thing by Louisiana roots soul musician Robert Finley. 

"Pick Me Up" by Hello Planet

Hello Planet are a female-fronted pop/rock band from Houston, Texas.  They have been releasing singles.  This is one. Dig this band. - check them out. 

"American Copper" by Kristin Hersh

Next up - our second track of they from Wyatt at the Coyote Palace.  

"Grandma's Hands" by Tim O'Brien

Next, we have another track from Where the River Meets the Road which was released one week ago. The album is a tribute to O'Brien's home state of West Virginia.  This is a Bill Withers (who is from West Virginia) song - that he wrote about his grandmother.  I love what Tim O'Brien did with this song. 

"Maurizio (Little Star)" by Someday

And we close out the day and the week with another track from This Doesn't Exist by Someday - who are from Italy.  Been enjoying this album. 

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