Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle- Sacred Cows Mix

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You know, I keep saying this is not political, but until some more G.O.P. people grow a spine and speak up against the insanity, it does feel political.... And by insanity, I specifically mean gross incompetence, flagrant and unabashed corruption, just to name a couple.

Yesterday was an eighteen plus hour day that left me more energized than tired (we shall see how I feel after lunch today) After work, I headed to Madison to record a future Double Shot show (to air May 6), then I went to Dee's where Tim Easton hosted Madison Guild Monday.  Emma Berkey, Matt Haeck, Rayvon Pettis, Ariel Bui, Megan Palmer, Jon Latham, and more. Tim Easton closed the night joined by Aaron Lee Tasjan - before ALT performed two songs to close the night. (I know I left somebody out, too.  Sorry.)  I really fun hang. For those deep into the E2TG mythology, the first time I saw Aaron Lee Tasjan (and Tim Easton - I think) was back in 2014 at a 5 Spot Residency that Tim Easton was hosting.  That was also the fateful day that I first met Darrin Bradbury in person.

It is Tuesday.... let's see what is Trending at E2TG according to the random shuffle function....

"Backtracked" by All Those Ships

First up, New Hampshire based singer-songwriter Brandom MacNeil - who performs as All Those Ships with a track from his album Meteorology for Runners which we have been playing songs from for a few months.  

"Big Easy" by Nina Massara

Nina Massara is from Copenhagen and her most recent album is called Watch Me.  I ran into her a couple of weeks back at The 5 Spot and found out that she has relocated to Nashville. I need to make sure she is added to my Music City Monday playlist.  A great song about a great city. 

"All for Me Grog" by Tom Mason and the Blue Buccaneers

Nothing better on a Tuesday post-late night morning drive to work than a pirate drinking song. From Pirate Party by Nashville's preeminent musical pirate.  

"Soul Crisis" by Strange Majik

Next up, we have the title track from the current release by long-time E2TG favorite Strange Majik.  This is classic sounding groove-heavy Rock and Roll with lyrics that reflect these times in which we are living.  Important - vital music for this moment. 

"Right Hand Road" by Brian Langlinais

We finish up our survey of the latest release from East Nashville by way of Lafayette, Louisiana songwriter Brian Langlinais with the title track. Great blues music. 

"Weather" by Christopher Bell

Next up, another track from Rust by this innovative cello player. (See the video playlist for his take on the Paul Simon song, "You Can Call Me Al".

"Norway" by Jared Tyler

Next up, we have our first listen to Dirt on Your Hands, the forthcoming album from frequent Malcolm Holcombe sideman Jared Tyler.  His album is due out in June, and features an impressive band that features Holcombe plus Nashville's Kenny Vaughan and Dave Roe.  Plus some wonderful guests.  Jared Tyler's credits also include appearing on John Moreland's breakthrough album High On Tulsa Heat.  I am digging this album - a lot.  It is quickly moving to the top of my best of 2017 so far list. 

"Rattlesnake" by The 81s w/ Luella

And we close things out with a song from Big Man by The 81's - which features the guitar and music of Tim Carroll with guest Luella.  Seriously, I dig this record. 

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