Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Mumblin' Mix

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Running very late.... busy, busy, busy... This will be brief, but here are some cool tunes for the day!  Hopefully, I'll have a bit more time for commentary tomorrow.

"Marissa" by The 81's with Luella

We begin with another track off of the fantastic Big Man album by The 81's with Luella.  The band features the music and guitar work and vocals of Tim Carroll and the words of Tom Siering.  Luella provides additional vocals.  I always love hearing her and Tim Carroll singing together.  And I love these songs. 

"Living Too Fast" by Scott Ramminger

Scott Ramminger has been holding down the top spots on the Roots Music Report's RandB Charts for several weeks with his current album Do What Your Heart Says To.  
 "He'll Take Everything" by Black Severn

Our friends from Bristol, UK just released their latest album Wild Interior last week.  We have a track from that album today. blues-noir of the psychedelic variety.  Good stuff. 

"Your Attention" by Michael Tiernan

From my e-mail, we have a track from Love and a Gun by San Diego songwriter Michael Tiernan. I was impressed enough at first listen to add this to my playlist, but to be honest, I haven't had much chance to dig deeper. What I can say so far, is that I really like this track and I look forward to continuing to explore this album.  Check it out. 

"My Mumblin' Baby" by Eight O' Five Jive

E2TG faves Eight O'Five Jive are up next with a track from their album Swing Set which came out early this year.  I always love to have a little jump blues in my morning - especially when it is done this well. 

"Open Up" by Joseph Mooradian

Next up, a lovely song from Pink and Green from Nashville singer/songwriter Joseph Mooradian. There are some great lines in this one. Check it out!

"Swampland" by The Transcendents

Thanks to the internet and E2TG, if I ever make it to New Zealand, I have someone to look up.  There is something about The Transcendents' music that really speaks to me.  I've noticed from their comments on other posts that we have a lot of crossover in musical tastes. There is an experimental element to their sound, but it is done is a way that is very familiar.  That is not an easy mix to accomplish. This is a track from their latest album Dirt Songs.

"Rock With You" by The Maxx

The Maxx are a 70s Funk/Soul band from Atlanta with a long history. They recently released their latest album Funk Box, and I have been digging it.  Always good to have some funk in the morning. 

"On My Mind" by Kingsley Flood

And we close things out with a track from Another Other by Kingsley Flood who come from Boston and Washington D.C.  This album reflects the experiences of chief songwriter Naseem Khuri, a Palestinian/American.  

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  1. Thanks for posting you guys! Honored to be on such a cool playlist - jammin' to it now!