Friday, May 26, 2017

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Peep Peep Mix

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Okay, okay! I'm back after a couple days off due to work related stuff....

First of all, I have to give a huge THANK YOU! to Cafe Rooster Records and everyone who came out Wednesday night.  I could not have asked for the night to be any better.  Sure was a humbling experience to know I had anything to do with what went down.  What went down was: Darrin Bradbury with Megan Palmer.  Sally Jaye - backed by Brian Wright, Jon Latham and more.  Jon Latham with Sean Quinn, Rorey Carroll, and Brian Wright - back by Jon Latham and Aaron Lee Tasjan!  Everyone was amazing and Brian Wright was other-worldly good.

We do have one more week to go of the E2TG Residency!  May 31 - it is going to Amelia White and the Blue Souvenirs (Sergio Webb, Dave Coleman, Parker Hawkins, Megan Carchman) with special guests Fuzzqueen from Washington D.C. - Fuzzqueen features former members of Miss Shevaughn and Yuma Wray who we have featured before.

I have your Featured Friday shuffle - as we go into a long holiday weekend.

"Lonely People" by Miles Recommends

I believe this is our debut of Miles Recommends - a indie, pop, folk band from Melbourne.  This from an EP called Extended Play.  The band name comes from a guy who used to recommend movies from the video store. Remember that?  Video store guy recommendations were way cooler than antilogarithms any old day.  More to come from this band - which I am digging.
"I Done Made It Up in My Mind" by Clint Morgan

Scofflaw was one of my favorites albums of 2016.  We still have a couple more tracks to feature from that release. 

"Gore St. Cafe Interlude" by Ugggy

The first of three tracks from Ugggy of Valued Customer.  He will be releasing yet another album - called The Ghost EP on June 1 (as he has done on the first of every month since March.  This track is from Legends of the SmoKe which came out last year and which is no longer available. 

"Drive Drive Drive" by Nina Massara

As I have mentioned - Nina Massara is now a Nashville-based artist. She will be playing The Basement next Thursday! This is from her album, Watch Me which came out earlier this year.

"Dawn Peep Peep" by Ugggy

#2 today from Ugggy.  This is from the Harvest Beet Tape which came out April 1.

"August" by Kristin Hersh

Next up - another one from Wyatt at the Coyote Palace which was rereleased on vinyl this year.  Kristin Hersh - as I have mentions - was a member of Throwing Muses. 

"come down" by Ugggy

Ugggy #3 - from the current latest release STŒND ALŒN (uncollected thots) which came out at the first of this month.

"Yesterday's News" by David Olney

We next have another instant classic from Don't Try to Fight It - produced by Brock Zeman. Olney played week 3 of E2TG Residency - and along with Sergio Webb - and they blew it out big time!

"Missing Persons Blues - Op. 26" by Corky Siegel's Chamber Blues

More classical/ blues from Chicago's own Corky Siegel.

"Try" by Kingsley Flood

Another Other is the name of the current release by this D.C. /Boston bad.

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