Friday, May 12, 2017

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Strange Cars Mix

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I don't know anymore... I mean, I feel like the people who understand that what is going on with this administration is not okay, not normal, and horrible for this country - already know. Those who are know and who are in positions to do something about it and are not - they are complicit. Those who don't know - are willfully ignoring facts that are clear as a bell... Sometimes continuing to speak out seems fruitless, but I am not going to stop.

May 17! I sure hope, if you are in Nashville, you will come out for a one of a kind experience. I am still pinching myself that David Olney and Sergio Webb are each playing full band sets as part of the Sixth Anniversary of Ear to the Ground.  Still not convinced? There will be more beer koozies to give away and I will be reading another short section of one of two novels-in-progress.  Although, seriously if the first part of this announcement did not convince you, but the second part did - you need to go do some research about Sergio Webb and David Olney.

It is Friday!  We've (almost) survived another week. It's time to see what the shuffle would have us feature today...

"Head Job" by Phil Rudd

It's weird, when I started writing E2TG, I literally had to go on-line and seek out music to feature. Now, amazing publicists, agents, musicians etc. send me wonderful things.  Including the debut solo album by Phil Rudd who spent several years as the drummer for legendary Aussie rockers AC/DC.  This is the title track and our penultimate track to feature. It is straight-ahead rock and roll pure and simple. Nothing at all wrong with that.

"Life Without You" by AJ Hobbs

As I periodically like to point out, unusual coincidences and unlikely connections abound here at E2TG. A while back, I received an e-mail from one of my regular contacts about AJ Hobbs and his album Too Much is Never Enough.  Included was a couple of Nashville dates - including a $2 Tuesday appearance. When I got to $2 Tuesday, I found out my favorite Buck Owens tribute band, Buck N Stuff were backing AJ Hobbs for the night.  The music here is real country music and really good country music at that.

"The Old Style Prison Break" by The Coal Porters

I have been a fan of Sid Griffin and his old band, The Long Ryders ever since the heady days of my youth, so to say I was excited to get an early review copy of the latest album by his current band is well - pretty accurate. No. 6 is that album,  and it was one of my favorites from last year. This is one of my favorite cuts on the album.

"Good Luck" by All Those Ships

The flip side of the high profile albums I get to hear is when an artist contacts me directly - having taken the time to check out what I do and to directly reference some of the music I play.  When Brandon - of All Those Ships contacted me, he referenced, Batkhi Dhan (the Foresters' side project) and a particular track I played. I know right then, I was going to listen to this album (Meteorology for Runners) and that I would most likely be writing about it. I did and have been writing about it ever since. Really good stuff.

"Alex Van Halen" by Luxury Mane

As Aaron Lee Tasjan pointed out in his song "Florida Man", Florida gets a bad rap sometimes (albeit often well-deserved) , but some really wonderful music and people have come out of that state.  Luxury Mane are from St. Petersburg, and this is a track from their Lux Runnin' Out album about the older brother of Eddie.

"No Rest" by Tim Lee 3

On occasion, E2TG has led me to some true friendships.  I include Tim and Susan Bauer Lee in that category.  I was first introduced to their music through Couch by Couchwest, but it turns out that they are closely connected to much of music that helped form the music fan that I am. It's no surprise, then, that I have felt very connected to their music ever since. This is off the album Tin. Man which was the final Tim Lee 3 album before their recent hiatus. Tim and Susan are now playing as the duo BARK.  BARK will be in Nashville on June 10 as part of Dan Montgomery's CD Release Show.  Another good friend (through E2TG), Julie Christensen is also playing.  Montgomery's album Gone is in my playlist ready to be called up by the shuffle soon! 

"Look After Me" by Joey Kneiser

One of the reasons I started writing E2TG was because for several years, I felt really out of touch with music - this after feeling very connected for much of my late teens to mid 20s. Circumstances - kids, family, health issues etc - meant that I missed out on some really cool music.  Thanks to E2TG, I have been able to connect with some of that music. Glossary is one of bands, I completely missed out on (or had). When the name finally got onto my radar, they were on an extended hiatus. Over the last couple of years, due to more coincidences, I have started to connect with the music of Joey and Kelly Smith of Glossary, and I am so glad. Glossary are starting to stir again, and I look forward to re experiencing their music for the first time.  This is a track from Joey Kneiser's latest solo release, The Wildness. 

"Lilly Hurst" by The Coal Men

The Coal Men have been making great music for a while now, but they were another I had missed out on until one night in September 2013 at The 5 Spot. I was hanging out with my friend Too Much Country and he introduced me to Dave Coleman of The Coalman who played - as part of a stacked line-up put together by Mark Robinson. Dave is a highly sought after sideman and producer, but what he does with his band, The Coal Men is nothing short of remarkable. Pushed to the Side is the latest album by The Coal Men, and it a truly great album. 

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