Thursday, November 30, 2017

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I have been thinking quite a bit about the state of the world and this country. Since November of last year, and especially since January of this year, I have been in a near constant state of anxiety and depression.  It is hard to separate political differences.  Whereas, I may find certain actions/bills/pronouncements to be abhorrent (gutting protections of the environment and our most vulnerable citizens). These are at least things that can be assessed and debated and hopefully corrected in a democratic (small d) venue. (Although, I have serious concerns about the legitimacy of our democratic process).

But, it is the abusive and offensive tweets, the thinly (if that) veiled racist comments, the boorish behavior.... how any decent person can defend these things is confounding and troubling. There really is no modern precedent for this in the United States. I try to imagine a president that I supported, and who puts forth ideas in line with my values - behaving this way. To be honest, it's very difficult to imagine, but I cannot believe that I would actively support this behavior.  I am sure it would be difficult to admit that I was wrong about someone, but I like to believe I would do the right thing. 

Of course, the flaw in that is that the current president did not conceal his behavior until elected. He was upfront about just how awful he was.  So that is where the, what if falls apart, because I would never vote for someone who acted that way even if they seemed to support things that I support.

The rash of public figures being exposed and facing consequences for their sexual behavior is likewise troubling.  It is a complex issue to be sure. It is odd which people are facing consequences and which are not. And there is likely overreaction is some cases, but not all.

Two thoughts have occurred to me - societal "norms" that I think are contributing factors to this situation. 1. Is the way men are "taught" to behave from a young age. Expectation of masculinity, poor role models  2.  The way people in position of real or imagined power or prestige are treated. You see this from the highest positions with national governments and Fortune 500 companies, and down to the smallest organizations and social structures. If someone is in a position of power, they are not to be questioned or criticized. The idea of following orders without question. Excusing or ignoring or covering up abuses of that power.

Anyway, all of that is just me trying to wrap my mind around the awful circumstances of the world today.
On with the shuffle....

"Man Enough" by UniversalDice

We begin with another track from Birth, Love, Hate, Death.  I have to say, I have not posted any rock operas, but I have really been enjoying this album. Musically, it definitely has a "classic rock" feel to it, but the music is not derivative, but rather, it is refreshingly original. 

"I'll Be Your Baby Tonight" by Eli Cook

Next up, from High Dollar Gospel, we have  Eli Cook doing a cover of the Bob Dylan classic. He definitely puts his unique bluesy spin on the song. 

"Drifter's Lament" by Mike Younger

Little Folks Like You and Me is the name of the current release by Nashville-based singer-songwriter Mike Younger.  I really like this song.  By the way, I was at Music City Roots last night to see Darrin Bradbury and Cordovas (and others), and I heard that Mike Younger will be on that show next week. 

"Til the Morning" by John Dennis

Next, we have another track from Second Wind - the most recent album by another Nashville singer-songwriter - John Dennis.  Check out the video playlist for a performance of this song from the local NBC affiliate's morning program.  

"Train Wreck" by Amilia K. Spicer

Wow and Flutter is the name of Amilia K. Spicer's latest release. She is based in L.A., and I have really been enjoying this album. 

"Unity" by Voice of Addiction

I think I may have featured this song before - for some reason - for a while, I was not able to delete songs like I normally do after I feature them. Anyway, I am not complaining. I definitely have a soft spot for hard, aggressive punk/hardcore music. 

"I Don't Know" by Discount Ravioli

I think a lot of people would do well to learn to use the phrase "I Don't Know". It's really okay to not know and to admit that, and maybe even ask for help or ask questions to get to know something.  I don't think any of that has anything to do with this track from Baby Arm Sessions.  What was I saying? I don't know.... 

"Hobo on a Passenger Train" by Jake La Botz

And, we close things out with a really cool song from Sunnyside, the most recent album by actor, singer-songwriter Jake La Botz. 

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