Friday, November 3, 2017

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Time is Now Mix

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I went to see Nashville Rep's production of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson last night.  Really good!  Andrew Jackson was cast as a kind of emo rock star. The show was funny and engaging, and the music was great.  Very irreverent and kind of raunchy at times. Perfect.  It was also a great satire of populism and how it doesn't always work out like it seems like it might.

Well, it is Friday.  Another rainy, gloomy day in Nashville. It's been an odd week for me. Not sure why. I took Monday off. Haven't felt 100% most of the week.  Feeling better today.  But, it's Friday! And that means we get to delve into the Featured Friday shuffle - more songs from the "new music" playlist.

"Cocaine Cowboy" by Sally Jaye

It sure seems like the shuffle has been bringing up Sally Jaye quite a bit. I have zero complaints about that.  This is a track from Cafe Rooster Sessions Vol. 2. The video I found is Sally Jaye performing the song with Lauren Farrah and Megan Palmer. 

"Heaven" by Black Needle Noise with Jennie Vee

Next up, we have another cool track from Under My Skin by Black Needle Noise which is the recording project of producer/artist John Fryer (This Mortal Coil).  This track features Jennie Vee - whose credits include playing bass with Courney Love and with Eagles of Death Metal. From my quick and haphazard research I think Jennie Vee lived in Nashville at one time.  Been digging this album quite a bit. 

"Enough for Me" by Ali Handal

Next, we have a track from That's What She Said - which came out back in September. Ali Handal is based in Los Angeles, and she has published a book and CD to help aspiring female guitar players and songwriters. 

"I'm No Good For You" by UniversalDice

Next, we have another track from Birth Love Hate Death - the rock opera from UniversalDice featuring Gerry Dantone. 

"Waltzing Around with My Shadow" by Jared Tyler

Next up, we have a great song from the album Dirt on Your Hands, but singer-songwriter instrumentalist Jared Tyler from Oklahoma. 

"Under Her Spell" by Mark Robinson

Hey look, it's Mark Robinson and his band with another track from Live at The 5 Spot. I'm pretty sure he's singing this song about my radio partner Sue. Pretty sure. 

"Heart with Wings" by Fendrick and Peck

Next up, we have another lovely song from The Sandhill Crane by one-time Nashville residents Fendrick and Peck. 

"Elysian Fields" by Maple and Rye

Next up we have our first listen to the EP Nothing Poetic by this band from Sweden who specialize in folk-inspired indie pop. I really like this track and look forward to hearing more. 

"Our Time is Now" by Post Death Soundtrack

And we close things out with a heavy track from The Unlearning Curve by this Canadian band.  Always nice to hear them show up in the shuffle. 

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