Thursday, April 26, 2018

Magnolia Roads American Roots Hoedown III - Part 4 (Rich Mahan)

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It is just one day until the Magnolia Roads American Roots Hoedown III Pre-party at Dee's Country Cocktail Lounge.  It all begins at 5:30pm - don't miss out on Dee's awesome Happy Hour specials - they also have some great food.  The full schedule will be posted below, but what you need to know is that you should be at Dee's all night on Friday and at The 5 Spot all night on Saturday.  Friday's show is free but there will be a tip jar for the band.  Saturday night is just $5.

We have been featuring a different Hoedown artist each day this week.  You can read the previous posts about Ben Sparaco, Don Gallardo, and James Scott Bullard

Today's Featured Artist is Rich Mahan!  Read more after the jump.

Here's a preview of some of the artists you will see this weekend:

What is American Roots? Exactly what the moniker sounds like, music that grew from the roots of America. The Magnolia Roads family of artists epitomize American Roots music through their blend of Blues, Country, Funk, Jazz, and a whole lotta Rock and Roll, flavored with the deep grooves of the South and an occasional West Coast psychedelic twirl. 

American Roots Hoedown III Pre-Party 4/27 Facebook event
5:30 Daniel Lawrence Walker (Nashville, TN)
7:15 The Traveling Ones (band - Nashville, TN)
7:55 Allen Thompson (solo - Nashville, TN)
8:45 James Scott Bullard (solo - Mullins, SC)
9:45 Taylor Kropp (band) Nashville, TN)
10:45 Boo Ray (band - Nashville, TN)
11:45 Don Gallardo (band - Nashville, TN)

American Roots Hoedown III 4/28 Facebook event
6 Arkansas Dave (Austin)
7 Jason Daniels Band (Jackson, MS)
8:05 Rich Mahan (Nashville)
9:20 Mike Younger (Nashville)
10:25 Ben Sparaco and The New Effect (Nashville)
11:40 Bonnie Blue (Jacksonville, FL)
12:45 All-star super jam*

Rich Mahan will take the stage at 8:05pm on Saturday night at The 5 Spot.  

Rich Mahan (Nashville, TN) Roots music Buddha, his music conjures a similar vibe to Delbert McClinton, Warren Zevon, Hayes Carll, Little Feat, Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen, and his favorite, The Grateful Dead, with influences from 70’s FM Rock and Pop radio, as well as Outlaw Country from that same era. He is recording a follow up his to highly acclaimed debut solo release “Blame Bobby Bare.” His new album, “Hot Chicken Wisdom” is slated to be released late 2018.

Mahan answered some questions about his musical background and about the Magnolia Roads American Roots Hoedown III.

1) What is the most personal song you have? What makes it so personal?
a lot of my songs are about true stories, so in a sense they are all personal.  Momma Found My bong is an honest to God true story.  Doesn't get much more personal than getting busted by your parents

2) Favorite topic to write about? Why? 
Life and love.  I love to share the universal qualities of the human existence in a song.

3) Craziest thing that's ever happened while on stage (issues, crazy fans, losing power, etc.?)
I think every musician has had their share of bad gigs where the sound sucked, etc...  I just remember the gigs where everything clicked and the line between the audience and the stage / band just dissolved.  that's magical when that happens

4) Who are your musical influences? Why?
Whatever moves me and makes me take notice.  It could be the way someone talks, or the way a woman moves her hips when she walks, or Leo Nocentelli's guitar solo in Dr. John's Right place wrong time.

5) First album you ever bought?
45rpm single of Van Halen's Dance The Night Away

6) First live concert you ever attended?
Rolling Stones

7) Are you a "superfan" of any band?
Grateful Dead

8) What is the most valuable lesson you've learned as a musician? Who taught it to you?
Stick up for yourself and don't let club owners push you around.  Merl Saunders.

9) If you had to bring two albums with you to listen to for the rest of your life--what would they be?
The Who - Quadrophenia and Grateful Dead Europe 72

10) What's your dream venue to play?
Royal Albert Hall

11) What’s your favorite food on the road? (Why?)
BBQ or Mexican food.   Because when they are done right, they are as good and any haute cuisine anywhere

12) Why didn’t you become a banker? Or, if you weren’t a musician what would you be? 
Music is a calling.  when you are called it won't stop until you answer.

13) Bonus?! What makes you most excited about playing the Magnolia Roads American Roots III weekend shows?
Getting to hang with a ton of good friends I haven't seen in a while and playing for an appreciative crowd!

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