Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Morning Music Shuffle - Backup Plan Mix

I don’t have anything particularly clever or important to say today.  Just that we have an awesome mix of music that continues a Blues theme from Friday and which features not one, not two, but three examples of why Nashville is Music City and not Country Music City.

Get to the mix after the jump:


“Just Keep on Rockin’” by Roomful of Blues from Alligator Records: 21st Century Blues and Roots/45 Live (Original version on Standing Room Only)
The long-running Rhode Island Blues/Swing band Roomful of Blues with a live version of a song which was originally on their 2005 album.

“Find the Love” by Deena from Rock River
Another great track from Rock River - the newest album by New Jersey Indie legend Deena Shoshkes from The Cucumbers.  Delightfully wistful and delightfully free from empty sentiment.

“Out to Sea” by The Delta Saints from Death Letter Jubilee
The first of three Nashville bands which round out this Monday Shuffle.  The Delta Saints bring a little taste of the Mississippi Delta to what they call Swagger Rock.

 “Backup Plan” by Mark Robinson from Quit Your Job – Play Guitar
A song from Music City Blues Guitarist extraordinaire and a good friend of this blog, Mark Robinson from his 2010 album.

“Tennessee” by Great Peacock from Single
We close out this shuffle with one of my favorite songs of the last year or so.  They were the 2013 CXCW Best Dressed award winners - the year they covered The National and then teamed up with Wess Floyd to do an absolutely kick ass version of the Alabama Shakes' "Hold On".  This is a song that has been getting quite a bit of attention locally and hopefully elsewhere as well.
So, the week gets off to a roaring start... come back all week....


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