Thursday, February 6, 2020

E2TG 2/6/2020 - Greetings from Nashville - Rum and Coca Cola Mix (Hangman Remix)

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Well, I can officially announce, that beginning February 13, I am going to have a second show on WXNA. Greetings from Nashville will air every Thursday from 6-7am.  If you can't catch it live, it will be on the WXNA Archives shortly after the show airs.

I expect the show to the a place Where Music City's Past and Present Come Together. It will be an eclectic mix of genres drawing on the wealth of great music that has come from Nashville, Tennessee.

I expect this show to be a learning opportunity for me as much as for anybody else. I hope listeners will let me know what artists I need to include.

Eventually, I hope to have some guests in to talk about Nashville's musical past and present. While I tend to be a forward-looking type of person, I think we ignore our past  at our own peril. There are people in this town who know the real history, and I believe within that history lies lessons that are gravely needed today.

The recent loss of David Olney has lighted a fire under me to hear some of the stories which reside in the minds of long-time residents of this town.

At the same time, the incredible influx of new people as brought some innovative and creative minds to our town, and these newcomers (relative and actual) are making some great music. I believe they would benefit from knowing what it was like 10, 20, 30, and even 40 years ago. Just as I believe that the "old-timers" can benefit from learning what the newcomers see in our city and what they bring to the table.

These may all seem like lofty goals for an hour long radio show that will mostly be music-based, but as I expect Greetings from Nashville to reflect my diverse tastes and interests, I think it will be help for both the listener and myself to keep in mind the method behind my madness.

Greetings From Nashville on WXNA Thursday morning at 6am (beginning February 13) 101.5FM in Nashville and all around the world. Following the new show on Facebook  or Instagram

    Featured Friday Playlist
 I can't believe it is almost time for a new Featured Friday Playlist.  Where did this week go? Look for a new list tomorrow.

Thursday Shuffle:

Sometimes, there is nothing much to say about the shuffles that come up randomly each morning - except to say some great songs that may or may not have anything to do with each other. I still believe that everything is connected. 

"Tastes Like a Heartache" by Andrea Stray (from Vacancy)

We got to know Andrea Stray via her 2017 albun Into Blue.  A little while back, I got my hands on her 2010 album Vacancy, and the shuffle has brought that album up twice recently. A wonderful songwriter who divides time between California and Nashville. 
"Errol's Song" by Adam Carroll (from Lookin' Out the Screen Door)

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Adam Carroll's second album.  This song is so evocative and lovely. Listening to it, I feel like I am in the rice fields of Louisiana (where I have been before).

"The Ranger" by Luis Mojica (from How a Stranger is Made)

"Heart Like a Yardstick" by K Michelle Dubois (from Harness)

"One Hundred Songs" by Joe Goodkin (from Paper Arrows)

"Rum and Coca Cola" by Wanda Jackson (from The Party Ain't Over)

The Queen of Rockabilly from her 2011 album (produced by Jack White and released on Third Man Records) with a calypso song composed  by Louis Belasco with lyrics by Lord Invader.  The song was copyrighted in the US by entertainer Morey Amsterdam and made a hit in 1945 by The Andrews Sisters. That last sentence is part of why I believe everything is connected.  Who would guess that you could connect Morey Amsterdam to Jack White in a single sentence? 

"The Prophet Speaks? (aka Track 11)" by Slump Test (from Official Bootleg/Untitled/Slump Test/??)

Don't get me wrong, I am happy for aging punk rock bands who reform and command large ticket prices or get to play really nice venues - I would never begrudge them a chance to make some money off of the legacy which has been such an important part of my life. But, lest we forget that punk is at its heart has a DIY aesthetic, and so it is good to be reminded that there are still punk bands pounding it out in venues of various kinds and putting out music however they are able. I picked up this handmade CDR (the band name written in a marker but no other information) at the debut edition of Decline of Southern Civilization.  Slump Test are one of the creators and hosts of this monthly event.  The second show is coming up next week. Slump Test features Benjamin Douglas and Ryan Dishen.  Ben Douglas is also a member of Palm Ghosts who are releasing their new EP tomorrow. 

"West Virginia in My Dreams" by Tim Henderson (from The Legacy Collection Volume 4: West Virginia in My Dreams)

The title track from Volume 4 of Tim Henderson's Legacy Collection. A fond remembrance of childhood.

"Hangman" by Tia Blake (from Folksongs and Ballads)

Recorded in 1971 in Paris - this album by American writer and singer Christina Elizabeth Wallman who went by the stage name of Tia Blake is wonderful. 

"Reciprocate" by Them Airs (from Union Suit XL)

New Haven band Them Airs are back with a track from their recently released album. 

"Remember the Love" by Heather Powell and Kevin Jenkins (from A Haze of Greys and Blues)


Recent and Upcoming Releases:

11/20   Brock Zeman - Hey Tom (a collection of Tom House Songs) (LP) (E2TG First Impression)
12/2 -  Terry Klein - Live at KOOP (LP)
12/29 - Them Jones - "The Woman is a Poor Child" (single)
12/31 - Blackfoot Gypsies - Live at The Basement (LP)
1/06 -   Francesco Mariano - "Room 107" (single)
1/07 -   The Singing Butcher - "Top 40" (single)
1/08 -   Luis Mojica- Shaman Food (LP)
1/10 - Palm Ghosts - "Wide Awake and Waiting" (single) (E2TG First Impression)
1/10 - Mary Bragg and Drivin' N Cryin' - "Don't Walk Away" (cover) (single)
1/10 - Them Airs - "Food Pyramid" (single)
1/10 -  Lilly Hiatt - "Brightest Star" (single)
1/10 - Strange Majik - "Lo-Fi Hi" (single) (E2TG First Impression)
1/10 - Dean Fields - "Armadillo" (single)
1/10- Chicago Farmer - "All in One Place" (single)
1/10 - Surrija - "Nothing Love" (single)
1/10 - RB Morris - Going Back to the Sky (LP)
1/10 - Guided By Voices - "Volcano" (single)
1/10 - Sunshine Boys - "Infinity Girl" (single)
1/11 - Dolour (Shane Tutmarc) - "The Snake Eye" (single)
1/12 - Francesco Mariano - "Nine Lives" (single)
1/13 - Lauren Anderson  - "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" (cover) (single)
1/14 - Drive-By Truckers - "Thoughts and Prayers" (single)
1/16 - Margo Price - Stone Me (single)
1/17 - Mark Hummel - Wayback Machine (LP)
1/17 - Jonny Polonsky - "The Weeping Souls" (single)
1/17 - Them Airs - Union Suit XL (LP) (E2TG First Impression)
1/17 - Innocence Mission - See You Tomorrow (LP)
1/17 - David Dondero - The Filter Bubble Blues (LP)
1/17 - MONO INC. - "Warriors" (single)
1/17 - Damen - "Americana" (single)
1/17 - The Singing Butcher - "Circus Girl" (single)
1/19 - Merrill Beach - "Geen"/"Marimba" (single) (E2TG First Impression)
1/21 - Broads and Milly Hirst - "Happisburgh" (single)
1/22 - Davis Raines - Turquoise and Silver (LP) (E2TG First Impression)
1/24 - Kailey Nicole - Kailey Nicole (LP)
1/24 - Mrs. Henry - Live at the Casbah (LP)
1/24 - Aeronautical Pioneer - "Hop High" (single)
1/24 - Three Rivers Project - Confluence (LP)
1/24 - MONO INC. - The Book of Fire (LP)
1/24 - Dispel - Lore (LP)
1/24 - The New Nostalgia - "Nothing is New" (single)
1/24 - The Heliocentrics - "Burning Wooden Ship" (single)
1/24 - Electric High - "Harder to Justify" (single)
1/24 - J. Luke Cloutier - Drown (LP)
1/26 - Nik West - "Tears" (single)
1/28 - Motihari Brigade - Power from Below (LP)
1/29 - Remington Super 60 - NEW EP (EP)
1/31 - Eric Brace and Last Train Home - Daytime Highs and Overnight Lows (LP)
1/31 - Nick Pagliari - Midway (LP)
1/31 - Black Paisley - "Dreams" (single)
1/31 - Jolie Holland - Esconidida (Vinyl Reissue) (LP)
1/31 - John Dennis - Mortal Flames (LP) (E2TG First Impression)
1/31 - Emma Hill - How Could I Have Been So Wrong (EP)
1/31 - Ryan Sobb and the Dead Mall - Concrete Feelings (LP) (E2TG First Impression)
1/31 - Alexander Hacke (Einsturzende Neubauten) + Danielle de Picciotto (Crime and The City Solution) - The Current (LP)
1/31 - Drive-By Truckers - The Unraveling (LP)
1/31 - Kristen Englenz - "Rebound" (single)
1/31 - Damen - "Disco" (single)
1/31 - Tinsley Ellis - Ice Cream in Hell (LP)
1/31 - The Singing Butcher - "Coming Home" (single)
2/01 - Glenn Jones - Ready for the Good Times (LP)
2/02 - Karabas Barabas - Degenerate National Anthem (LP)
2/04 - Mayflower Madame - "Vultures" (single)
2/05 - Joseph Mooradian  - "We all Work Too Much"/"Dash My Dreams" (single)

Out Tomorrow:

2/07 -  Palm Ghosts -  Wide Awake and Waiting (EP)
2/07 - Emily Zuzik - "Trouble" (single)
2/07 - Chicago Farmer - Flyover Country (LP)
2/07 - Surrija - "Barcelona" (single)
2/07 - The Flyin' A's - No Holds Barred (LP)
2/07 - Harry Stafford - "She Just Blew Me Away" (single)
2/07 - Christopher Paul Stelling - Best of Luck (LP)
2/07 - HMS Morris - "Babanod" (single)
2/07 - Tiny Fighter- "Strangest Thing" (single)
2/07 - Wynnm - "Fire on the Moon" (single)
2/07 - The Golden Cage Society - Mira (Mini EP)
2/07 - Alienbaby Collective - "Degenerate Moon" (single)
2/07 - Eric and the Anti-Vaxxers - Timeshare Girlfriend (EP)
2/07 - Sammy Brue - "Teenage Mayhem" and "Crash Test Kid" (singles)
2/07 - Lucille - "Keriken" (single)

2/14 - Grant Peeples - Bad Wife (LP)
2/14 - The Heliocentrics - Infinity of Now (LP)
2/14 - Johanna Kuvaja - "Back for Good" (single)
2/14 - Sarah Reynolds - "I Need Love" (single)
2/14 - Afterimage - "Six Seconds" (single)
2/16 - Kas Havoc - "Light'em Up" (single)
2/21 - Sarah Morris - All Mine (LP)
2/21 - Kindergarten - Iphigenia (Reissue) (LP)
2/21 -  Hot Club of L.A.- Cinema Swing (LP)
2/21 - MUUK - Balbuceo (LP)
2/21 - Aaron Beckum - Songs from a Triangle Room (EP)
2/21 - Every 13 Days - Étant Donnés (Reissue) (LP)
2/21 - Seablight - High-Rise Mannequins (EP)
2/21 - Various Artists -Typical Girls Vol. 5 (LP)
2/21 - 12xPretty - 12xPretty (LP)
2/28 - Kristen Englenz - Ingenue (LP)
2/28 - Close Lobsters - Post Neo Anti... (LP)
2/28 - The Heliocentrics - Infinity of Now (LP)
3/?? - Strange Majik - 20/20 (LP)
3/04 - Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion - Chameleon (LP)
3/06 - Surrija - "Sylvette" (single)\
3/06 - Dean Fields - While the Baby Was Sleeping (LP)
3/06 - Broads and Milly Hirst - Ollust (LP)
3/06 - The Mastersons - No Time for Love Songs (LP)
3/06 - Ghostwood Development Project (Feat. Kool Keith) - "Gulley" (single)
3/13 - The Flatmates - The Flatmates (LP)
3/13 - Kleenex Girl Wonder - Ponyoak (20th Anniversary Edition) + BLP (demos and out-takes) (LP)
3/13 - Sandwick - Reconstruct (LP)
3/13 - Foley and the Fire - "Springsteen on the Radio" (single)
3/20 - Matt Wilson and His Orchestra - When I Was a Writer (LP)
3/20 - Chris Moyse - Bitter Ballads and Cynical Prayers (LP)
3/27 - Lilly Hiatt - Walking Proof (LP)
3/27 - Mayflower Madame - Prepared for a Nightmare (LP)
3/27 - Alienbaby Collective - F I S H B O W L / T E R R E S T R I A L (Double EP)
3/27 - Mairena - "Weird All the Time" (single)
3/27 - Lucille - Come on,Fly (LP)
4/03 - Surrija - Surrija (LP)
4/10 - Eliza Gilkyson - 2020 (LP)
4/10 - Dan Montgomery - Smoke and Mirrors (a phonographic memory) (LP)
4/10 - Pokey LaFarge - Rock Bottom Rhapsody (LP)
4/17 - Paul Burch and WPA Ballclub - Light Sensitive (LP)
6/12 - Sammy Brue - Crash Test Kid (LP)

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