Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle - Swallowing the Ocean Mix

#CXCW15 rolls on... Day 3 brought tons more videos including some of E2TG's all-time favorites... Among the many great clips were some from old friends like Sci-Fi Romance, MAKAR, and Imperial Rooster.  Plus an explosive clip from relatively new friends Two Mule Blues.  Head to the couch and visit  to get in on the fun.  By the way, they are still accepting submissions so get to videoing and get it done!

"Lost and Found" by The Naddiks
From my inbox via Australia (or vice-versa) come The Naddiks with a track from their latest release, a mini album called 21CB.  I haven't had a lot of time to dig into the full release yet, but I dig this track. So good high energy punk, pop, and roll!

"(I Have) Everything I Need" by Beat Rodeo

Some time in the 80s, a bunch of punk rockers discovered or rediscovered country and/or roots music.  A lot of the music that came out of that influenced not only my budding musical tastes, but also played a large part in the development of what is called Alt-Country, Americana, and one of several other names.  Living in a kind of small town in the days before the internet, I was a child of MTV and college radio. I first came across Beat Rodeo on an episode of IRS Records Presents: The Cutting Edge.  Steve Almaas had previously been in the Minneapolis punk band Suicide Commandos.  He then worked with The Bongos and shortly after that worked with lead Bongo Richard Barone and producer Mitch Easter on a solo EP called Beat Rodeo before forming a band of the same name.  Home in the Heart of the Beat was their second album.

(me holding the Steve Almaas solo EP Beat Rodeo on vinyl) 

"Friends" by Whiskey Shivers

Whiskey Shivers are from Austin and from their Facebook Page they seem to be staying busying down there with whatever is going on this week.  They will be in my hometown come September for the Muddy Roots Festival.  This great song is from their self-titled third album which is available currently on Noisetrade (as a free download (tips and shares encouraged)...

"Standing on the Moon" by Lera Lynn

Lera Lynn is a Nashville singer/songwriter.  I got turned on to her music when my New York friend Ben Arthur co-wrote a song with her on a drive from Nashville to Memphis for the Premier episode of Songcraft Presents: Songs from the Road which was hosted by Rob Reinhart from Acoustic Café and videographed by Matthew Hendershot of The End Men and Matt King's Killing Streets.  This song is from Lera Lynn's most recent album called The Avenues.

"7 Chinese Bros." by R.E.M.

A favorite track of mine from Reckoning (but aren't they all..).  If you haven't check out Voice of Harold on Dead Letter Office and then try to listen to the opening of this song without expecting to hear Michael Stipe reading the liners notes of a gospel recording called The Joy of Knowing Jesus...

"Richland Woman" by Megan Palmer

East Nashville's own Megan Palmer from her 2007 album Take You Away.  I dig this song.   I always love when I get to hear Megan play whether it is her own stuff or with Tim Easton or even one of her rare performances with E2TG Artist of the Year Darrin Bradbury...

(Megan Palmer with Darrin Bradbury at Foobar 3/15/2015) 

"Twin Hometowns" by Beat Rodeo

A second and more rocking track from Home in the Heart of the Beat....

"Last Man Standing" by Bark

I remember a Facebook post when Susan Bauer Lee said she was taking Drum lessons.  Next thing I know, her and husband Tim Lee of Tim Lee 3 are forming a side project duo called Bark and releasing an EP under that name (along with a full-length TL3 album).   This is from the Bark EP and it rocks.

"Wind" by Artur U and the New City Limits

From Finland and off their debut EP, Turn Off the Light which was recorded at Bill Laswell's studio in New Jersey.  I've been digging on this album since I got hold of it.


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