Thursday, February 16, 2017

E2TG Reviews: Never Meant to Last - Sean Quinn and The Tremblers

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“Summer loving is so typical, for the first time it feels like it’s reciprocal. I saw you dancing on the side of the stage, trying so hard not to act your age.” 

So, begins “Later Days” which, after a short, sultry instrumental "Prologue", kicks off Never Meant to Last - the debut album by Sean Quinn and The Tremblers. This is pure, kick ass, sweet, ballsy pop music. Bringing to mind music from several decades before, but refreshingly original and catchy as hell.

“Houses and Cars” begins with some classic rock and roll riffs before settling into something that would not be out of place on a Beatles album. The keyboards (played by James Westfall) are especially effective here, and the harmonies are wonderful..

Good pop music sounds effortless. The rarity of good pop music proves that this is an illusion. “Is It Love” is like a slow dance in a school gymnasium, and it does sound effortless and gorgeous. The vocals and string-sounds are  dizzying and dazzling. The repeated chorus lingers pleasantly.

“Holes” is a coming of age story (pun partially intended) about orgasms and the emotional and moral toll they can take on an impressionable mind. Sex - while usually glorified in music is here presented with all of its contradictions.. This may be my favorite song on the album.

Pop music has the (unfortunate) reputation of being light, but this album has weight.  Quinn and co-producer Mark Pettacia effectively layer sounds that surrounds the wonderfully written songs. The aforementioned keyboard sounds, vocals, plus guitars (by Quinn and Jon Latham) swirls and surge and spin. Jason White (bass) and Zak Iannitelli (drums) keep things grounded.

“How Does It Feel” kicks off the second half of the album. I would almost go so far as to call this a disco song. But it is disco in the best sense of that much-maligned term. Sexy and rhythmic, creating an irresistible need to dance.

Relentless wordplay, subtle humor, and an effective hook are the order of the day on “Half Price” which recalls classic era Squeeze.

As I listen to the soulful “Can’t Get to Sleep”,  the insanely Beatlesque “If Not For You”, and “Factory Brand New” which closes the album  by evoking Greenwich Village in its heydey,  I am struck with feeling that I am listening to a great FM station of the late sixties and early seventies. Never Meant to Last, like that classic era of radio, is wildly diverse but unified by a distinct feel. It is an auspicious debut by one of Nashville’s newest and most unique voices.


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