Monday, March 13, 2017

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - Don't Know Where I'm Going Mix

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Life goes on... even when living in insane times. Putting one foot in front of the other... moving forward even as the world seemingly spins out of control. It's what we do.

The utter disregard for the truth, the utter disregard for even a modicum of basic human decency, the way vile racism and xenophobia have moved out of the shadows and are not thrown about freely... it is all very disturbing.

As I have said, one of the more challenging aspects of this current situation is at once - recognizing that this IS NOT politics as usual - and all the while - fighting important political battles.  I will echo something I read - it is vitally important that the mainstream of the Republican Party stand in en masse against the most outrageous examples of what I have cited above. Until they do, it is too easy to confuse this with "politics as usual".  That being said, until that happens, all we can do is resist and persist. And, I believe that when this corrupt and evil regime fails (as all such regimes are ultimately fated to do), those who had the power to speak up and act against this evil and chose not to must be held accountable for their inaction.

Facts matter. White Nationalist have no business in the highest reaches of government.  Fascism is evil and must be resisted at all costs.

I had an enjoyable weekend with my daughter.  We did manage to make it out to see BARK at Dee's Country Cocktail Lounge in Madison, and we both had a great time and saw some familiar faces. I continued to be heartened by the way my community has embraced and accepted my daughter. Oh, and BARK were as wonderful as always.

Now, I jump into a new week, and I am feeling overwhelmed by the work I need to do.  As always, my desire to get out and see live music is at constant war with the need to stay home and get things done. I will continue to try to find the balance, and I will be grateful to live  in such a great city for music that I even have the opportunities to see incredible live music literally every single night of the week.

It's Monday, and we have some music to share which bears some connection to Nashville.

"Slow Motion" by Matt Wertz

We begin with a tune from pop singer-songwriter Matt Wertz and a song from that Nisolo Summer sampler that I picked up from Noisetrade last year. This track is from Wertz's 2016 album Gun Shy. It is catchy modern pop music. Very different from most of the music I feature but that is part of the point of the shuffle. 

"If They Ever Let Me Out" by David Olney

Legendary  songwriter/performer/artist (amd E2TG favorite) David Olney will be releasing his latest album, Don't Try to Fight It, on March 31. The album was produced by another E2TG fave (Brock Zeman).  I have a feeling I will be writing and talking about Olney quite a bit over the next few months.  It should go without saying that you will want to jump all over this album.  Pre-orders are happening now at  I was happy to find this album in my mailbox, and this is the first official listen.  In the video playlist, we have an episode of Olney's weekly web series, The More You Know, which features a performance of this - the lead track from the album.  This song was co-written by Olney and the awesome John Hadley.  The album features cover art by Nashville legend Gwil Owens and photography by John Partipilo.

"Traveling Companion" by Julie Christensen

Next up - some traveling music from the one and only Julie Christensen from her pre-Nashville Soul Driver album. One of the best voices in music and another E2TG favorite. 

"Young Lady, You're Scaring Me" by Ron Gallo

One of the most exciting "new" bands on the Nashville scene.  Ron Gallo hails from Philly. They released their album Heavy Meta on New West Records earlier this year.  I saw them several months ago at The 5 Spot, and I (along with just about everyone there) was blown away.  High energy music at its finest. 

"Lucky Penny" by Fendrick and Peck

Of late, we have been featuring songs from The Sandhill Crane by former Nashville duo - Fendrick and Peck.  This song is the title track to their previous release, and it is one of my favorite songs of theirs. 

"Will the Circle Be Unbroken?" by Brian Milligram

I have to say, when I discovered this gem on Brian Milligram's bandcamp page, I will surprised and then I listened and I that surprise turned pleasurable.  This Carter Family song is taken from a hymn written in 1907.  Milligram plays it pretty straight here, and he nails the song - both musically and emotionally.  In the video playlist, we have Milligram covering another song - familiar to my readers.

"I Want to Grow Old With You" by George Jones

Next, we have George Jones and a song from his 1990 album (his last on Epic Records) called You Outta Be Here With Me.  You may have heard this song on Double Shot with Joe and Sue - recently. 

"Nolensville" by Crackerboots

We close things out with on of my favorite songs by Crackerboots.  About one of Nashville's most interesting streets. The song is super catchy, jazzy, and cool. 

(click link above for video playlist)

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