Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Riddle Me This Mix

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I guess this is a good time to mention that I will be taking some time off next week. I will probably post some old E2TG shuffles over on the Facebook page during the week.  Included in my time off is  a trip to Athens, Georgia to check out E2TG Favorites The Foresters at the Athens Pop Fest. I am officially stoked about that.

Well, it is Wednesday - where we shuffle up all of the songs on my phone and see what comes up...

Today, we have some "current featured albums" and the return of some old friends...

Shall we check it out?  Okay!

"Desperation Row" by Dan Montgomery

We begin with a track from one of my favorite albums of the year, Gone, by Memphis singer/songwriter Dan Montgomery.  I think I lived on Desperation Row during my brief tenure in Memphis... or at least in the same neighborhood. 

"Rise" by Lazarus

Another recent release and another favorite of 2017 so far.  "Rise" is the opening track from Rock n Roll Heart by Austin based singer-songwriter Lazarus. Such a great song!

"New State of Mind" by Chase Walker Band

Chase Walker Band returns to the shuffle with a very topically appropriate song from their 2016 album Not Quite Legal.  Walker is currently studying music at Belmont University so look for him slinging his guitar around town. 

"Saint Anthony" by Jeanette Lynne

Jeanette Lynne is a Philadelphia based singer-songwriter who also performs with the band Community Center. This is a track from her 2013 album You've Got Me which we featured a few years back. 

"Jack and Diane" by John Mellencamp

From John Cougar's 1982 album American Fool.  I was sixteen when this song came out, and my life was nothing like this song. Mellencamp is from Indiana and many of the players on this (and other Mellencamp album's from that era) worked with E2TG favorite Mark Robinson when he lived in Indiana. In fact, the first time I visited Mark's basement studio, he showed me a cracked cymbal that I think was autographed by Kenny Aronoff - who now follows me on Twitter (btw).  Maybe a little known fact but Mick Ronson (David Bowie) plays guitar and sings background vocals on this song.  

"Rock n Roll Heart" by Lazarus

Randomness is fun.  I am not sure how many songs I have in my phone (it's a bunch) and in today's shuffle we have two songs from Lazarus (I ain't complainin')  This is the title track from his current album. 

"The Riddle Song" by Forest Mountain Hymnal

Forest Mountain Hymnal are a Nashville based duo who we have featured a few times in the past. This song is from their album Dear Balladeer which features songs from the Ballad Book of John Jacob Niles.  Niles was a composer and collector of traditional ballads who was very influential to the folk revival of the 1960s.  This is a wonderful "child ballad" that answers some wonderful riddles/paradoxes.  Forest Mountain Hymnal are the sister and brother-in-law of Joseph Mooradian who we have been featuring recently.  

"Killin' Time" by Logan X

And we close things out with a track from The Uncanny Logan X. Logan X is a band out of the Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen stable led by Sam Michael Braverman.  I got to preview some new Logan X tracks earlier this year when I met Braverman while he was on tour with the band NO ICE.  In addition to Logan X and NO ICE, Braverman is also a member of the band The '94 Knicks.  

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