Friday, August 4, 2017

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Angel Food Cake Mix

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I am excited to announce that E2TG has more daily readers than any other music blog ever.  It's like billions and billions of readers every day (maybe more).   In fact, the editor of one of the lesser known music blogs PASTE called me to congratulate me and ask me for some advice on how to attract readers.

This is all true because I wrote it, and any "evidence" you see to the contrary is just FAKE NEWS.

On a more serious note (all though the sentiment behind my little joke is very serious), I wanted to remind my readers (both of you ;-)  )  that I am taking next week off - so no regular shuffles... maybe a special post or two (but maybe not).

It is Friday - the end of another work week, and as we do, we have our "Featured Friday" shuffle - where we shuffle up songs from our New Music playlist.

Shuffle after the jump!

"Red X's" by Hello Planet

We start out with a track from Houston based pop/rock band Hello Planet. They are a female fronted band that has been releasing some free singles. 

"Mixing My Medicine" by Eli Cook

Moving on, we have our first listen to High-Dollar Gospel, the forthcoming new album by blues infused roots-rocker Eli Cook who is based in Charlottesville, VA.  The album is due out August 18, and Cook has a CD release show scheduled for September 2 at The Southern in Charlottesville. 

"Bobby Lee" by Black Severn

So far this shuffle has moved from pop to bluesy roots and now to psychedelic blues-noir from Bristol UK - off the album Wild Interior.  1

"Two Fools in the Dark" by The Foresters

Our first listen to House Stories - the brand new album by long-time E2TG favorites The Foresters.  I am super excited that I get to see them next week down in Athens. They will be playing as part of the Athens Pop Fest. Digging the new music and looking forward to hearing it live. 

"Change My Game" by Thorbjorn Risager and The Black Tornado

Next, we have the title track from the latest album by this rock,soul, rhythm and blues band from Copenhagen. 

"One Day at a Time" by UniversalDice

Next up, we have another song from the album/rock opera Birth Love Hate  Death by this by this classic rock inspired band from Long Island.  

"Angel Food Cake" by Corky Siegal's Chamber Blues

And we close things out with a track from one of the most unique and original albums I have heard this year.  Classical arrangements, a blues harmonica, and great vocalists. The album is called Different Voices. 

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