Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - What Becomes Mix

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It's been a rough week!  I need some music. It's Wednesday, so let's get "wild" with our shuffle!

"When I'm Sixty Four" by The Beatles

At E2TG we like to focus on (not exclusively) music that flies below the radar. The Beatles were a British band that formed in Liverpool. They were only together for about a decade and that was nearly 50 years ago.  This is from their 1967 album which was recorded after the band had given up touring. I kind of like this, and I can't imagine why they are so obscure. 

"Dream to Rimbaud" by Eric Andersen

Next up, a lovely song from legendary songwriter Eric Andersen. This is from an album called Stages which was recorded in 1972-1973. The master tapes somehow got lost in the Columbia vaults and the album was not released until 1991. At that time, Andersen recorded three new songs. The was the final "old" song on the album. Among the players on this album were Leon Russell, Rick Danko, Garth Hudson, Charlie McCoy, producer Norbert Putnam - with background vocals were by Joan Baez and Dan Fogelberg. 

"Ever Since You Left Town" by Brock Zeman

Next up, a track from the album Rotten Tooth by E2TG favorite Brock Zeman. Man, I love his music so much. 

"Umbrella" by Life in a Blender

Next, we have a track from Happy Enough, the latest album by New York band Life in a Blender.  That band features Rebecca of E2TG favorites Conrad y Skordalia. This is a really fun song. 

"Dirty Pictures" by Pony Girl

To clarify one more time: Pony Boy is a singer-songwriter who divides time between L.A. and Nashville - her real name is Marchelle. This is not her.  Pony Girl is a band from Canada. This is their song. This is from their album called Foreign Life which was released in late 2015.  I dig both Pony Boy and Pony Girl.  Check out a live recording of this song in the video playlist. 
"What Becomes of the Brokenhearted" by The Db's

This is a cover of the 1966 Motown soul hit originally recorded by Jimmy Ruffin. This version is by the power pop/jangle pop band that formed in New York in 1978 by musicians all from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The original run of the band ended in 1988. They first reformed in 2005 and recorded and released this song for the New Orleans Musicians Relief Fund after Hurricane Katrina. 

"Show Me the Way" by Radiant Reveries

We close out this wild shuffle with a song by New York band Radiant Reveries. This came from the vaults and from a 2015 compilation MCFK Section 6: Respawn Dub.  MCFK being Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen - a collection that operated out of Brooklyn.  Mama Coco's ended their run not to long ago - emerging as Holy Fang - from a more rural New York location.  This song is included on Radiant Reveries debut album Rise which was released in 2016.

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