Monday, October 22, 2018

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - Out in the Rain Mix

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All of this happened a long time ago when the world was a very different place. Of course, none of us knew that at the time.
(From The Drift - A Novel by Joe Wolfe-Mazeres) Available at (Kindle edition also available)

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I am continuing to work on my Spotify playlists for E2TG.  So far, I have completed seven - January - July2018.  These are meant to be a cross-section of music I featured during those months - not necessarily music released in those months.   If you are interested, you can check out the playlists (links below)  and follow my personal profile to find out when new playlists are created.

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SAVE THE DATE!!!!!  Thursday, November 15, 2018 - We have a pretty cool event in the works.  More to come!

Another work week is upon us...

The world seems pretty sucky right now.  Votes are being suppressed and stolen, the free press is under attack, the government is trying to erase trans people.  For god's sake if any of these things bother you, VOTE!  Early voting is going on or starting soon in most places. VOTE early, vote on November 6. VOTE.  If you have the ability, convince other like-minded people to vote, offer to take someone to the polling place.  I am hopeful of a Blue Wave, but fearful that something will stand in the way...  If it doesn't happen, I am truly afraid for what will happen to this nation.

I have been saying for almost two years, I am not someone who wants to get political.  I believe that differing political opinions should be celebrated. I don't believe that what is happening now is political. Children in cages, white supremacists being emboldened, the rule of law being trashed, reporters being targeted and murdered.... These are not things that either conservatives or progressives should support.

God, I need some music now!  Here's a nifty shuffle of artists connected to Nashville, Tennessee.

"Watermelon Kid" by Ted Drozdowski's Scissormen

First up, we have a song from E2TG favorite - Ted Drozdowski and his Scissormen from their album Love and Life.  Watermelon Kid is based on a real person - called Watermelon Slim., a blues musician originally from Boston.  Looking forward to hearing Ted's new music - possible under the Psychedelic Circus name.  Glad to have them be a part of the E2TG Anniversary shows back in June. 

"The Long Way Home" by Rosanne Cash

Next up, we have a track from the 2014 album, The River and the Thread by the eldest daughter of Johnny Cash.  Rosanne Cash was born in Memphis and left Nashville in the 1990s, but she is indelibly a part of Nashville's music history. 

"It Don't Mean a Thing" by Richie Owens and the Farm Bureau

Going back to In Farm We Trust...  Richie Owens mark on Nashville music is also indelible.  From his days as a vital member of the then burgeoning rock music scene of the 1980s (as a producer and member of bands like The Movement and others).  Owens left Nashville in the late 80s or early 90s but returned after a few years gone to form The Farm Bureau.  Most recently, he formed Smoky White Devils - which recently signed to Plowboy Records. Their debut album is due out in a couple of weeks. 

"Sorry I Can't Stay" by Paul Burch

Paul Burch began making his mark on Nashville music in the 1990s - as part of the revival of Lower Broadway.  Currently, he is a WXNA DJ and a leader of the WPA Ballclub. This is a track from his incredible Meridian Rising album which is a fantastical musical biography of Jimmie Rodgers (The Singing Brakeman). The album is a remarkable achievement. 

"Things You Left Out in the Rain" by Anne McCue

Another WXNA DJ, Anne McCue divides her time between Nashville and her native Australia - where she started and continues her work in radio. She is a remarkable songwriter and a helluva guitarist.  I consider McCue a vital part of the Nashville music community.  Check out the video for this song - featuring some familiar faces. 

"Camille" by Jason Ringenberg and Swan Dive

When it comes to vital members of the Nashville music community... you cannot forget to mention - Jason and the Scorchers.  Next up, we have Jason - performing with another long-time and important part of Nashville's music- Swan Dive which features Bill DeMain (who we know from Crackerboots) and Molly Felder.  The band formed in 1995. The song - about Jason's daughter was included on his 2002 album All Over Creation which found Ringenberg working with a variety of different artists including Todd Snider, Paul Burch, BR549, Lambchop, Tommy Womack and Fats Kaplin and Kristi Rose. 

"When You've Got a Friend" by Flying Buffaloes

Perhaps the most vital part of the Nashville music scene are the younger people making new music and keeping the scene alive and growing.  Flying Buffaloes are a great example of this.  This is a track from their EP Taking Off.  We helped premiere their song "Hey ;) Is for Horses" which is also on this EP.  

"That'd Be Alright" by Steve Forbert

We close things out with a track from the latest album, The Magic Tree by singer-songwriter Steve Forbert. Perhaps best known for his song "Romeo's Tune" from his second album Jackrabbit Slim. Forbert spend many years in Nashville - so he qualifies for this shuffle. 


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