Tuesday, October 9, 2018

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All of this happened a long time ago when the world was a very different place. Of course, none of us knew that at the time.
(From The Drift - A Novel by Joe Wolfe-Mazeres) Available at Amazon.com (Kindle edition also available)

If you have read The Drift, please consider writing a review on Amazon. If you haven't read it, you can get your own copy through Amazon or if you are in Nashville, you can get them from me.

I am continuing to work on my Spotify playlists for E2TG.  So far, I have completed seven - January - July2018.  These are meant to be a cross-section of music I featured during those months - not necessarily music released in those months.   If you are interested, you can check out the playlists (links below)  and follow my personal profile to find out when new playlists are created.

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A reminder last night about how lucky I am.  To be a fan of music and to live in Nashville at this moment and to get to hang out with and get to know such incredible and creative people... It can be
easy to take it all for granted or even worse to compare myself and my experience to someone else. So, it is a good thing to have a reminder of my good fortune.

Last night, we recorded another show of Double Shot with Joe and Sue.  Sue and I have been doing our radio show on WXNA for over two years now. Let me back up. I have a freaking radio show! Even better, I have a radio show with one of my favorite people on the planet. And, thanks to Mark, we have a world-class engineer to make sure our recorded shows sound incredible.

Later, I went to Dee's for Madison Guild Monday. Heard great music - two new to me people and two that I have known for a few years. Got to talk to people who "get me" better than most. Conversations about M*A*S*H and Loudon Wainwright III and how great it is to be in Nashville right now.

Tomorrow, I may be down and feel unappreciated and unloved and unimportant, but if I do, I hope someone will remind me that today I said I am pretty damn lucky.

Alright then, it is Tuesday and we dive back into the "New Music" playlist (side note: I have a ton of new music to add to the playlist - hopefully soon). Another kind of quirky, kind of cool mix of songs let's go!

"Ready for Anything" by George Trouble

So glad I got to see and hear George Trouble a week or so ago.  That's another thing I am grateful for is getting to know really fascinating people who have great stories to both in song and in written words and just in talking.  From the album PLOW. George Trouble is based in Asheville, North Carolina.  George played the first official E2TG hosted event.  

"That's the Way I Feel" by Charlie Smyth

Next up, we have the (kind of) title track to The Way I Feel, by Nashville singer-songwriter Charlie Smyth. We've had the album for a while, but it was just officially released a couple of months ago. E2TG first met Charlie through his band, The Western Shore - four years ago or so.  The Western Shore played the first unofficial E2TG show (a show put together by Darrin Bradbury that I emceed). 

"No Memory" by Klammer

So far, I have been talking about people I know or who have met. The other fun thing about doing E2TG is "discovering" new music from all over the world. I put discovering in quotation marks because.. I just mean I found "new to me" music that I dig and maybe I exposed some people to that music - but not to imply that the music didn't exist or wasn't valid before I came along. Anyway, Klammer are a post punk band from Leeds. They have a great sound that is reminds me of some of the great music of  the early post punk years which is not to imply that it is derivative - because it isn't. This is from their album You Have Been Processed. 

"If I Can Make It to Augusta" by Blue Largo

The shuffle and I have been in love with Before the Devil Steals Your Soul. The album isn't out yet - comes out later this month, and so I could not find a video yet for this track, but what I did find was a cool, fan made video for an earlier song by the band.  The song is called, "Elevator to the Gallows". The video features clips from the Louis Malle film of the same name - which happens to be one of my all time favorite movies. The song, it turns out, was inspired by the film.  Check out the video, and if you haven't seen the Louis Malle film - with an incredible soundtrack by Miles Davis - seek it out. 
"Farmer's Dementia Blues"  by Brad Fielder

Dementia isn't funny, but laughter is the best medicine, and this is a genuinely funny song - and it catchy as hell to boot. The song is from an EP called Country Folk.  Brad Fielder is a singer-songwriter from Norman, Oklahoma.  He contacted me directly, and I'm really glad this one didn't get by me. 
"Genevieve" by Mark Currey

I still haven't met Mark Currey in person, but I've enjoyed getting to know me on line. He contacted me several months back - ahead of a show he was doing in Nashville with some of my favorite people. Unfortunately, I was out of town for the show, but I got his latest album Tarrant County out of the deal.  I have been really enjoying getting to listen to and feature songs from this album.   I love songs that tell a story. This is one of those kind of songs. 

"Cough Syrup High" by The Pocket Gods

Next up we have a first listen.  The Pocket Gods are a UK indie pop band. This song was released as a single meant to raise awareness of the growing problem of cough syrup addiction in Africa. The band formed in 1997 and were discovered by the late John Peel.  This song is included on their album, The Rich Go Off to Space which was released back in August. 

"My Heart Belongs to the Blues" by Barbara Blue

Barbara Blue is from Memphis, and she is known as the Reigning Queen of Beale Street. This our first listen to Fish in Dirty H20 which came out last month. This track is one of seven original compositions on the album, but it sounds like it could be a blues classic. 


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