Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Love in Winter Mix

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Back from the extended holiday.  I listened to my Music City Monday Spotify playlist on my drive, and it made a great travel companion.  Check it out here and follow if you like.  It is a continuous work-in-progress with new music added regularly.  LISTEN HERE

It is Tuesday, and time for Trending Tuesday - where we explore a sampling of some of the newish music to come to E2TG.  Let's shuffle!

"Strange Conviction" by Umbrella Bed

Out of the gate, we have Minneapolis based  two-ska band Umbrella Bed with a track from their latest release Rotate.  Earlier this year, the band opened for The English Beat in their hometown. 

"The Fall" by Autumn

Here in Nashville, at least, our autumn was all too short - with summer lingering on and then winter hitting like a ton of bricks. So, it is nice to have a couple of autumnal bands being featured of late. This is Autumn - who coincidentally are also from Minneapolis with a track from their recent album Chandelier. The post punk band have been releasing music for over twenty years, and this new album - their first in several years - finds them sounding terrific.  

"Sound the Alarm" by Viva Death

Next up, we have L.A. rock band Viva Death from their album Illuminate. You may recall from an earlier post that Viva Death is led by Chris Shiffett (Face to Face, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes) who is the brother of Foo Fighter (and frequent Nashville visitor) Scott Shiflett - who was previously a part of this band.  

"Sunkissed" by Justin and the Cosmics

Nashville and E2TG faves Justin and the Cosmics return to the shuffle with another track from their PERF album. The album was recorded live in the studio at Ardent Studios in Memphis with the help of Pat Sansone. This is classic Justin and the Cosmics - one can almost imagine Justin Collins writhing on the floor of Ardent Studios while recording this.  Collins is 1/2 of the production team, Cosmic Thug Productions (with Adam Landry) - who have worked with Deer Tick among others.   

"My Heart Believes It's So" by Christine Rosander

Next up, a beautiful and moving song from California singer-songwriter Christine Rosander's latest album Been a Long Time. Rosander brings the class and sophistication of some of the great vocalist of the early to mid 1970s firmly into the 21st Century with her gorgeous and moving music. 

"The Bidding's Closed" by Collins Drive

Atlanta's Collins Drive return to the shuffle with what I think is our first listen (but certainly not our last) form their latest album This Town of Mine. Collins Drive play Americana of the alt-county, blues-inspired, folk-rock variety. I'm really digging this new music and look forward to hearing and saying more about it soon. 

"Love in Winter" by Palm Ghosts

We close things out with some more Nashville music. Palm Ghosts which is led by Joseph Lekkas (of Flour Sack Cape Records) and which features Ben Douglas on guitar. The band's sound recalls the darker side of the classic Manchester sound. It is not at all what one might expect from a Nashville band.  Those who follow E2TG know that Nashville produces a wide-variety of musical styles. To me, what makes the best Nashville bands regardless of genre or style is the consistently great songwriting. Palm Ghosts fit that mold nicely. 


I am continuing to work on my Spotify playlists for E2TG.  So far, I have completed nine - January - September 2018.  These are meant to be a cross-section of music I featured during those months - not necessarily music released in those months.   If you are interested, you can check out the playlists (links below)  and follow my personal profile to find out when new playlists are created.

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