Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Primitiv Mix

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I am continuing to work on my Spotify playlists for E2TG.  So far, I have completed nine - January - September 2018.  These are meant to be a cross-section of music I featured during those months - not necessarily music released in those months.   If you are interested, you can check out the playlists (links below)  and follow my personal profile to find out when new playlists are created.

JUST ADDED!  August and September 2018 Playlists!

E2TG January 2018
E2TG February 2018
E2TG March 2018
E2TG April 2018 
E2TG May 2018
E2TG June 2018
E2TG July 2018
E2TG August 2018 
E2TG September 2018  (NEW!)
E2TG October 2018  (Coming Soon!)

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Day 2 of my 3 day work week....   I went out last night for Madison Guild Monday at Dee's.  Mark Robinson, Grace Adele, Davis Raines, Megan Palmer with Bob Lewis, Conrad y Skordalia, and Maynard and the Musties all played excellent sets. Lots of cool folks in attendance. All in all a fun night.

It's Tuesday - so let's see what is trending at E2TG this fine mid-November day...

"Too Close to the Sun" by Ashleigh Flynn and the Riveters

First up, another great song from the self-titled album by this collective of voices from the Pacific Northwest - led by E2TG favorite Ashleigh Flynn. 

"Late Bloom" by Evan Jewett

Next up, our second listen to Don't Feel to Work by NYC singer-songwriter Evan Jewett. I am digging his sound on this album. A great addition to the E2TG shuffle. 

"Beggar Rose" by Polly Panic

Jenette Mackie aka Polly Panic - rocks the cello from her album Losing Form. This track really hits hard with a great tune and somewhat dark melodic music. 

"A Stoopid Broken Heart" by Rich Krueger

I was going to write - Rich Krueger is flat out great songwriter, and that is true - even if you don't believe me - believe the fine folks at Kerrville who awarded him the New Folk award. This is from the earlier of two albums we are featuring. This is a track from Life Ain't That Long. Krueger writes with honesty and humor.

"Love is a Verb" by Lesley Kernochan

We dig back into Lesley Kernochan's album A Calm Sun - this one came out last year and has stuck around in the shuffle. This a favorite track from the album which features some super-session players. 

"Hideaway" by Holygram

Next up, we have our first listen to Modern Cults - which came out a couple of weeks ago.  Holygram is a German electronic/shoegaze band.  They are currently touring with VNV Nation and The Rain Within.  They play tonight in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 

"Klangfarbenmelodie... And the Colorist Strikes Primitive (Part 2)" by Thurston Moore

We close with 11 minutes of experimental noise from Sonic Youth frontman Thurston Moore.  This is part two of the title track to his 1995 album which was originally released on CD only in New Zealand. The first ever vinyl reissue was released back on November 2.  Some pretty cool stuff - with lots of feedback and screams and chaotic energy. 


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