Thursday, February 28, 2019

Trending Thursday Morning Shuffle - Clout Stalemate Mix

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Time Marches on - and soon it will be March. We've reached the end of the second month of 2019.

It's Thursday - time for Trending Thursday on E2TG!

"Get Out of My Life Woman" by Watermelon Slim

We start things off with another track from Church of the Blues by the one and only Watermelon Slim.  Slim owns the Bluesberry Cafe in Clarksdale, Mississippi. Clarksdale is a trip a recommend to any music lover.  I want to go back. In addition to the Bluesberry Cafe, I can recommend the Delta Blues Museum and The Shack Up Inn.  Give yourself time - explore the area and try to imagine life 50-75 years ago - when many of the blues legends were getting their start. Although Watermelon Slim is a native of Boston, he has lived the blues and immersed himself in the culture. 

"Far From Home" by Western Centuries

This is our last track to feature from Songs from the Deluge - by Seattle country music band Western Centuries.  This is just a great sound record, and I have been loving the songs.  We only got a sampler of the album, so be sure to check it out for yourself. 

"Puppet" by I Ya Toyah
Another "new to me" artist that I have been digging of late - is I Ya Tovah.  The Chicago based one-woman army is touring in support of Code Blue - which is the album we are focused on. Industrial/electronic and oh so good.  

"You Get What You Give" by BYSTS

BYSTS (pronounced like "Beasts") is a post-punk duo from Salt Lake City, Utah.  Their Dreamland EP was released back in January.  Fuzzed out rocking sounds. I approve.  

"To the Bone" by Renee Wahl and the Sworn Secrets

Next up, we have the first single, the opening track, and the (sort of) title track from the forthcoming  (March 15) new album by E2TG and Nashville favorite Renee Wahl and The Sworn Secrets.  I think the word badass may be thrown around too much (and I am as guilty as anyone for overusing the word), but I can think of no better way to define Renee Wahl.  A killer musician and songwriter, who walks the sometimes thin line between being a kind person (which she is) while also not taking any shit from people. This album is not even out yet, and it is one of my favorites from 2019.

"Clout" by Batkhi Dahn

Next up, we have another track from Batkhi Dahn from their Hogwash album.  "if i wasn't careful who knows where i would be"  - It is inspiring and awesome to see the growth of Hayden Nork as a songwriter - evidenced by this album.  Hayden is joined by his brother Evan and Luke Slomba (two of his bandmates from The Foresters). This are young people who have played and created music together for a large chunk of their lives, and it shows.  ICYMI - I have included the latest Batkhi Dahn video in the playlist - it for a song from the next Batkhi Dahn album. The video features Hayden, Evan, and their youngest brother Liam - filmed on a snow day. 

"Stalemate" by Whispering Sons

Next up, we have Belgian post-punk band Whispering Sons - who are currently touring is support of their debut album Image. I am reminded again of why I get so annoyed when I hear (usually a person my age or so) saying "music today sucks" and holding up some flash-in-the-pan pop star as evidence. I continue to be amazed and the width and depth and breadth of the music being made all over the world. 

"19th Street Ramble" by Daniel Seymour and Mark Robinson

We return to the Chug it Down and Go album - with a mostly instrumental track  by Nashville's own Daniel Seymour and Mark Robinson. Just in time for Mardi Gras - the duo have released "One Eyed Blue" as a single from the album - check it out wherever you get your music.  

"Food Court" by Buildings and Food

And we close things out with another track from Quick Beat Save by the Toronto based indie pop, electronic music artist known as Buildings and Food.  Gotta love a Food Court. 

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