Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Best Version of Me Mix

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On we go...

I wanted to mention a "Save the Dates" for an upcoming event at The 5 Spot that will feature some artists you've heard and heard about on E2TG.  April 26 and 27th will be the 4th edition of the Magnolia Roads Hoedown, and E2TG is thrilled to have been asked to be a part of this great event - which will benefit the Ben Eyestone Fund at Musicians Health Alliance. More information to come - including some interviews with some of the featured artists (like we did last year).

In the meantime, we have another Trending Shuffle.  A couple of first listens are included and some great tracks from albums we have been featuring of late.

Let's get right to it!

"Nephews" by Auld

First up, we have our second listen to the forthcoming Mainstream Music by this six-piece gender fluid, alternative, indie, pop band from London.  I really dug this song which made me think of my own nephews. 

"Furthest Star" by Steve Poltz

Next up, we have another wonderful track from Shine On by Steve Poltz - which was officially released at the end of last week.  The album is out of Red House Records and it was produced by Nashville's own Will Kimbrough.  Speaking of Nashville's own - Music City is very fortunate to have Steve Poltz among our residents these days.  Not only is he one of the best songwriters around - he is a dynamic and highly entertaining live performer.  

"Piccadilly Circus in the Rain" by Noctorum

It's funny after all the rain we have had recently, I am glad this song came up on a rare sunny day in Nashville. I think I appreciate the romanticism of rain best when I am not getting cold and wet. Seriously though, this is a beautiful track from The Afterlife - the latest album by the duo featuring Marty Wilson-Piper and Dare Mason.  Speaking of Wilson-Piper - his 2000 solo album Hanging Out in Heaven will finally be released on vinyl on Record Store Day - April 13. We will be featuring some tracks from that album very soon. 

"Bluebell Wood" by Skylephant
"Dark Soul" by Skylephant

Next up, we have two songs in a row (albeit in reverse order of how they are presented on the album) from Songs from the Fragile Collective. The shuffle has been digging this album - featuring several tracks in the last few weeks, and I am digging it, too. Purposeful, meaningful, inventive, creative, and accessible: it has all the elements of the music I love the most. 

"You've Been Gone Too Long" by Christopher Sky

Skylephant is followed by Christopher Sky - with a spare and gorgeous track from Vastness. Christopher Sky is an experimental composer, multi-instrumentalist, and produced from Whittier, California. 

"Walk On" by Tim Gartland

Coming back down to earth from a bit of an experimental track - we close the shuffle with a pair of first listens.  First up is blues harmonica player, singer-songwriter Tim Gartland from his forthcoming 4th solo album Satisfied (4/12/2019). The albums features a who's who of in-demand blues/sout/etc. players - whose combined credits include: Delbert McClinton, Brian Setzer, Susan Tedeaschi, Tina Turner, Joe Cocker, Wallflowers, Vince Gill, and Jonell Mosser (and more). 

"An Outlaw's Song" by Jeff Mamett

And we close things out with our first listen to the most recent album, Carry Me Back, by Americana/traditional country singer-songwriter Jeff Mamett.  Mamett begin playing music when he was 13 years old.  His musical journey took him to L.A. and Nashville.  Then, we left the road to raise a family and worked in the cattle industry for 25 years.  He is back and I am glad of it.  I first got to listen to this album just recently, and I am digging it. Much more to come. 


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