Thursday, January 3, 2019

Trending Thursday Morning Shuffle - The Resistance Mix

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E2TG moves into 2019. 

First of all I know I still owe you all two posts for 2018.  I have a Earie wrap-up post mostly done and then the all important Golden Earie Awards. Realistically, it will be this weekend before those get done. 

However, last night, I got caught up on a ton of new music that has come my way over the last month or so. I loaded over 300 songs into my phone.   For 2019, I have created a new "Trending" playlist for Trending Tuesday and Trending Tuesday. This is all music received since around November 2018 or later. That playlist stood at 313 songs at the beginning of today.

The previous "New Music" playlist has been re-dubbed the "Featured" playlist. This will be a constantly expanding playlist of music that has come my way. It has all the music from the previous New Music playlist plus some music accumulated in November and December that wasn't submission. (For example, I got a CD from a gift exchange and I got an annual mix CD from a friend) - those went into the "Featured" playlist but not the "Trending" playlist.  However, I should point out that all the music added to the "Trending Playlist" went into the "Featured Playlist".

So today, is Thursday so the shuffle came from the newly created "Trending playlist"

Bottom line, it's all good.  Listen to music!  Let's shuffle!

"Take Good Care of It" by Spiritualized

In November, Spiritualized reissued their first official live release - 1993's Fucked Up Inside on black vinyl.  The album was originally only available by mail order, and it is a good document of the "space rock" bands early sound.   

"Let the Wind Blow" by Amelia White

I am so excited to present our first listen to Rhythm of the Rain by E2TG favorite Amelia White. The album is available for pre-order now. It will be released on January 25th.  Rhythm of the Rain was previously released in the U.K., but I understand that the U.S. release has some additional songs. This first listen finds the East Nashville singer-songwriter at the top of her game with a top notch band behind her. Dave Coleman (The Coalmen - another E2TG favorite) recorded the album. Word on the street is you may be able to get your hands on a copy at one of Amelia White's live shows - like her show Saturday night at The 5 Spot. 

"Down on Our Luck" by John Rey-Reed

The album Learnin' to Drive the Truck was released in 2016, but I just got a hold of it over the holidays when I met Rey-Reed at a party. He is a long-time Austin resident who has relocated to Nashville. The album was recorded both in Austin and in Nashville, and it features some Austin musical heavyweights. This is our first listen, and I am digging it.  Looking forward to digging in deeper.

"Sugarface" by Fjokra (Shunya Remix)

Another first listen, this is a track from Irish multi-instrumentalist Fjokra (and his band of the same name). It is a remix of the single "Sugarface" by fellow Irish multi-instrumentalist Shunya. The music is very hard to classify, which is fine by me. I like it. The extended single also has the original song and an instrumental version. 

"Farewell - Mirrors Don't Lie" by I Ya Toyah

Yet another first listen! "I Ya Toyah is a one woman army that landed here to spread the disease of music and infect the human race."  The debut album is called Code Blue. It is out now, and I am digging it. 2018 was a great year for increasing the diversity of the music we bring to you at E2TG.  If this first "new music" post of 2019 is any indication, 2019 is ready to give 2018 a run for its money.

"Abbot Kinney" by Mark Bryson

Next up, we have a carry-forward from 2018 - Riot on Sunset is the first release of a new sub-genre of music called New Age Space Cowboy Surf Poet. Bryson is a California artist. It is great stuff. 

"The Resistance" by Paul Maged

We have previously featured the music of Brooklyn rocker Paul Maged from his release The Glass River.  This single was released back in November - and we featured it as part of our election day post. It seems appropriate that it shows up again today of all days as the new Democratic-lead House of Representatives is sworn in.  Maged paused in the middle of work on a trilogy of EPs to make this timely statement. 


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