Thursday, April 11, 2019

Trending Thursday Morning Shuffle - Twisted Up Mix

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It is just over two weeks until the Magnolia Roads American Roots Hoedown IV (April 26 and 27) at The 5 Spot.  I am excited to officially announce that I will be acting as Co-MC for this mini-festival.  Great music, beer specials, a silent auction, a community canvas art project, and so much more. This is a don't miss event!

I am working on getting a ton of new music added to my playlist - I may have to move some songs off of  "Trending" playlist. That's never an easy decision for me to make.

Anyway, let's dive right into to today's shuffle because time is tight!

"Nobody Knows" by Tito Montana

We starts things off with some tasty hip-hop music from New York. 

"Lorelai" by Jason Erie
"Conversations with a Bottle" by Jason Erie

Next up, we have a Thursday two-fer from one of my favorite albums of the last few months.  The Art of Letting Go from Nashville by way of New Jersey singer-songwriter Jason Erie.  There is a gritty realness to Erie's songs and he tells great stories. It has been exciting to see Jason Erie's development as a writer and a perform in the short time I have known him, and this album is culmination of that growth.

"Little Cloud over Little Rock" by Amelia White

The hits keep coming from Rhythm of the Rain. And by "hits", I mean great songs.  The album is topping charts and polls over the Americana world, and it could not be any more deserved. Amelia White has been a fixture in East Nashville (and around the world) for many years. She is a wonderful performer, a great songwriter, and her huge heart comes through in everything she does. 
"Lament for Common Sense" by Dragon Welding

Talk about your timely song titles.  Some heavy instrumental music (noisy and incessant). Dragon Welding is the latest project by Andrew Golding of the pioneering British band The Wolfhounds. (Dragon Welding is an anagram of his name - as well as an appropriate name for the music).

"Twisted Up" by Polly Panic

Listen for Polly Panic on a upcoming Double Shot show.  The hard rocking cellist is back in the shuffle with another from her third album Losing Form.  Panic is also a member of the cello-driven band Rasputina (who will also be featured on that Double Shot show coming soon).

"Pharmacist" by Steve Poltz

Shine On is the latest album by the multi-talented singer-songwriter Steve Poltz. The album was produced by Will Kimbrough.  Poltz first came to many people attention for his co-writing a collaborations with Jewel -early in her career.  He is a true Troubadour, an energetic and engaging live performer, and a gifted songwriter. With Shine On, he has made one of the best albums of the year. 

"Better Land" by Fox and Bones

We close things out with our first listen and the title track to the latest album by Portland, Oregon based folk-pop/soul-pop duo Fox and Bones.  I got this album when I recently saw them playing with E2TG faves Adrian + Meredith.  They have also played shows (or a show - I forget) with another E2TG favorite - FuzzQueen.  Fox and Bones were great live, and this is a wonderful sounding record.  More to come!   


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